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Stoycho Jul 11, 2018
This is the best set ever made!
stinky Nov 7, 2017
Wefunk doing JB proud
INORGANIC Jun 3, 2015
This set is timeless - solid work WEFUNK KREW!
BROTHA-RON Mar 20, 2013
Dan Jul 17, 2012
such a cool james brown show. I want it!
Congahead Jul 23, 2011
The hardest working man in showbusiness is alive ! ! LONG LIvE JAMES BROWN
Ben Elyan May 10, 2011
Agree with Alex, this shows the quality and talent of the man, faultless from beginning to end.
Alex Lang Apr 20, 2011
Fantastic show, I agree that more JB only shows would go down very well. Big love from Glasgow, Scotland
Weedstoned420 Aug 7, 2009
I think i heard this show like 250 times, and i never get tired! Thanks for sharing this amazing selection. You guys should do more JB's only shows, the man was just too good!
Pellikaan May 7, 2009
Professor Groove's professionality

Funkeekayo Apr 10, 2009
One of your best shows ever - any chance you'll do more all-JB shows?
jvgraph Mar 26, 2009
Sweet show the live tracks are great.
DaOpossum Mar 10, 2009
Fantastic !
Très très bon ;)

FT Dec 11, 2008
Deanna Jan 19, 2008
This show is the SHEEYEAT!!
po'boy Dec 6, 2007
Yeah, baby! bring it!!
Phunqdaphied Apr 4, 2007
Static, Groove, CKUT... you are all amazing. Thank you for keeping funk alive.
Ole Brumm Mar 26, 2007
James Brown - He's The One!!
Very good selection of his work! But the Show is about 6 hours to short ;-)

Mucho Mar 10, 2007
A legend has gone - R.I.P.
Dmewnskie Mar 5, 2007
Best ever wefunk show? R.I.P. JB
Euperia Jan 30, 2007
James' death put Christmas into perspective. I had planned to go see him this year if he visited the UK, but that is now sadly not going to happen. These two WeFunk shows embrace the best of Mr Brown's amazing body of work. You're to be applauded.
stankindog Jan 30, 2007
i love it i cant stop listening 2 it
Ju* Jan 29, 2007
RIP , godfather of soul you're the best...
felonious funk Jan 26, 2007
i feel allright from james brown. life!!!
listen to this band!!! sitting in my office, dancing on the chair. thanks we funk. thanks godfather.

initram5 Jan 26, 2007
James Brown is smiling now in the Heaven! Amazing collection, really heavyweight soul tracks. WeFunkRadio is the best on the net! Peter, from Hungary
billsville mike Jan 24, 2007
Awesome JB mix! Would love to hear some rare late-70s live stuff, such as "Get Up Offa That Thing" or "Too Funky in Here" on part 2. RIP James ... the world will never be quite the same!
miles one Jan 24, 2007
nice mix, but I think some of the real classics are missing, for example "funky drummer" and "doing it to death"
peace -

The Mood! Jan 23, 2007
Yo! Good look'n out on this one. Damn I can't wait for Part II. RIP GODfather - Never be anotha!

steven kyle Jan 23, 2007
You Kats in Canada Are DOIN' THE DAMN THANG ...
James Brown made the transition in the Physical Essence ... Spiritually & Historically LIVES FOREVER
Englewood, NJ

Hans Jan 22, 2007
james! don´t die!

CHU (uk) Jan 22, 2007
what a show.
rarities galore
may the funkateer rest in peace, cos we sure as hell won't until part 2 is released...
keep up with the tunes.
lookin forward to seeing you guys on the european tour.

lwp Jan 22, 2007
all best from Polish fans RIP James!!!
dvdjamm Jan 22, 2007
great show...can't wait for part 2....
Velvet Jones Jan 21, 2007
Long live the Godfather...
Stephanie (from Ottawa) Jan 20, 2007
Thank you for having this show (more specifically this James Brown show). It warms warms the heart my friend. :) You boys certaintly put the FUNK back in my Friday worknite! xo!
antonin Jan 19, 2007
Was expecting this show when I heard the news... Still, the mix is smooth and I was surprised by some of the songs I never heard before... Good good stuff. Hey Groove & Static! Peace for sharing that with us!
pisTolo Jan 19, 2007
Great Work! Good Vibrations! Let's share it with others - just like J.B. did! Peace
Guillaume, France Jan 19, 2007
God of Music bless James Brown for the things he did... Thanks to U Wefunk for this Tribute! Peace
JCW Jan 18, 2007
James Brown will be missed, but never forgotten!

Show 453

Part 1 of WEFUNK's tribute to James Brown: two full hours of Funk's founding father at his best.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove / RECORDED January 5, 2007 / PLAYLIST MARKING jcw1963 & sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • james brown - thanks (live)
  • james brown - say it loud (i'm black and i'm proud) (live)
  • talk (over james brown - soul pride)
  • salaam remi & james brown - 40th anniversary mix
  • james brown - i got you (i feel good)
  • james brown - i feel good
  • james brown - licking stick - licking stick (live)
  • james brown - dead on it, part ii
  • james brown - your cheating heart
  • james brown - the chicken
  • james brown - think
  • james brown - blind man can see it (extended)
  • james brown - cold sweat (false start)
  • dee felice trio & james brown - cold sweat
  • james brown - if you don't give a doggone about it
  • james brown - she's the one
  • james brown - let yourself go (live)
  • james brown - there was a time (live)
  • james brown - i feel alright (live)
  • james brown - cold sweat (live)
  • james brown - i'm broken hearted
  • james brown - mind power
  • james brown - my thang
  • james brown - funky side of town
  • james brown - talkin' loud and sayin' nothing (rock version)
  • talk (over james brown - nose job)
  • james brown - talkin' loud and sayin' nothing

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