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NJ Sep 24, 2020
WeFunk delivering nothing but pure fire again. Great guest spots from karma and lotus and J-illa - wish their work was around on streaming platforms, cant seem to see these tracks anywhere... That Praverb track is killer, and some of that Italian soundtrack groove to finish off proceedings was pure delight! Big love from London, the UK
Parkdale Funk Feb 10, 2011
Been rocking this show at work all day.. loving it in Toronto.
Always the best music!

kijak1 Sep 17, 2010
Kid Sublime is dope!
DJ Static Sep 4, 2008
Nice opening track to u too Mr Praverb!
Praverb Aug 31, 2008
great spotlight on international guys rock
Keith E Aug 31, 2008
Been checkin the show for years
Keep it poppin!!
Keith E
West Coast Zulu Nation

Karren "Fun-K" Han Aug 26, 2008
You should really call it wefunk-and-hiphop-too-so-dont-get-it-twisted-son radio. Neat show dawgs, keep it real yo. Rocksteady, hip-hop, be-bop, don't stop! Brrraps!
yamdi Aug 20, 2008
distant star, such a dope beat....

Show 526

From homegrown to international: DJ Static shines the spotlight on new European hip hop, Mtl's Karma & Lotus return to speak on their latest album "Honest Truth", and NYC artists J-Illa & Kaloket drop by to show their stuff. Plus loads of soulful funk, funky soul and soul-jazz from Marva Whitney, "Brother" Jack McDuff, Mel & Tim, The Soul Children, Blue Mitchell and more.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Lotus, Karma, J-Illa, Kaloket / RECORDED July 25, 2008 / PLAYLIST MARKING briand864 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • praverb - the king
  • talk (over heliocentrics feat. percee p. & m.f. doom - distant star instrumental)
  • heliocentrics feat. percee p. & m.f. doom - distant star
  • mos def - next universe (mundraub remix)
  • marva whitney - i made a mistake because it's only you
  • lee sain - she's my old lady too
  • ron dante & peter link - mighty gents
  • silky vincent - funky world
  • sweet vandals - i got you, man!
  • talk (over marco polo feat. large professor - the radar remix instrumental)
  • karma & lotus - efficiency
  • karma & lotus - bad and good
  • talk (over little brother - lovin' it instrumental)
  • kaloket feat. j-illa - oh god (live)
  • j-illa - carried away
  • talk (over erykah badu - the healer instrumental)
  • soul children - don't take my kindness for weakness
  • soul east - funky lady
  • mel & tim - i've got puredee
  • brother jack mcduff - butter (for yo' popcorn)
  • blue mitchell - the message
  • count bass d. feat. frankie numi & ramsey lef - licenced, insured & bonded
  • skillz feat. talib kweli & common - so far so good (remix)
  • apakalips - the other side
  • shaya - industry life
  • jaboy fry - doc take me back
  • alien entertainment feat. rider shafique, mister melody & d.j. collage - music
  • kid sublime - own world
  • daniele patucchi - la dimo strzione
  • jimi entley sound - charlie's theme
  • eddie henderson - inside you
  • funkadelic - nappy dugout
  • talk (over alan hawkshaw & brian bennett - name of the game)

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