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ed Feb 10, 2022
so good!!!
Roman Oakwood May 3, 2017
Best Funk Show out there.
Sam Jul 28, 2016
Thank you so much from London. This show was awesome! Please keep up the good work it is so appreciated
NJD Apr 30, 2016
Man - 'We Do This' is THE jam. Stunning show guys. A one of a kind man. A lot of Funky Love from the UK.
MDStP Apr 25, 2016
Man. Being from MPLS/St. Paul I never fully grasped how global Prince was. Now I sense he's arguably the coolest cat ever to live and a different realm of cool than Jimi, J.Brown, MJ, Jagger, Presley, Sly . RIP.
MDStP Apr 25, 2016
Prince heads, also check-out wefunk show 555 for more from Prince's crew. Purify yourself in the sounds of Lake MinneFUNKa....Flunkies
NJD Apr 24, 2016
A towering genius, a musical Colussus. They only strike Earth occasionally! Wish I could have seen him live. RIP Sweet Prince.
Sassafras Apr 23, 2016
I used to beg my mother to play me the Purple Rain record before bed when I was kid. Prince imagined a non-binary world, and helped us to see his vision through his music.
Soyasoce Apr 22, 2016
My dad brought me to watch Purple Rain, I was 12.
Changed everything!

DrFunk Apr 22, 2016
RIP, Prince Rogers Nelson. I thought about this show right after I heard the news and knew I had to listen to it to cheer me up.
haxwell Apr 22, 2016
Peace, Prince!
The Funk Lovin Criminal Apr 22, 2016
Rest In Power to The Prince!
Funkboy Apr 21, 2016
RIP to the almighty purple one
Arkady Bogdanov Apr 21, 2016
RIP to a Legend. Thanks to WEFUNK, remembered this after 8 years. Came back to pay my respects. One love
Mr. Garnet Apr 21, 2016
<3 So hard to find Prince material. One Love
gavin Apr 21, 2016
saw Prince 7 or 8 years ago, the week that Louis Armstrong died. I had bought tix for my mom for mother's day. We had a killer time; the man was such a good performer.
utility Apr 21, 2016
Thx for diggin that one out groove.
funkykayo Apr 21, 2016
Thank you for celebrating the funk in life. This playlist is indispensable.
Mario Eme Sep 27, 2010
Awesome Show ! Funky
Jamal Malik Oct 4, 2009
big up and respect for this one
btw adrogyny is spelled with a y
love what yall doin, don't stop!

jvgraph Jun 10, 2009
These shows are so dope with the history behind the music. I didn't know prince was such a pimp.
ian Dec 26, 2008
Wow, somehow missed this one.
Just the funk - awesome.

Eat My Funk Nov 7, 2008
Give me some Drunken Funk!
GothamSoul19 Sep 26, 2008
Luv this!
def one Sep 18, 2008
great stuff!
Bklyn Boy Sep 4, 2008
Great show, as usual. Some interesting parallels between the Tricky cut at the end and Cloreen Bacon Skin from Crystal Ball.
MelodyKool Aug 30, 2008
Thanks for showcasing Princes music, loved it!!!
stlouis Aug 29, 2008
this is a brilliant episode. many thanks!
Brit Aug 28, 2008
Prince, and the return of Duke to the show? Could this possibly be the best WeFunk ever?

Show 527

Tales of the Purple One: WEFUNK digs into Prince's funkiest moments in special feature show with guests Duke Eatmon and Ron Maskell.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Duke Eatmon, Ron / RECORDED August 1, 2008 / PLAYLIST MARKING illissus & tsangari / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • prince - housequake
  • talk: sign in & prince's beginnings (over madhouse - six)
  • prince - head
  • talk (over prince - head)
  • prince - let's work
  • talk: controversy, androgyny, rolling stones, 1999 (over prince - let's work)
  • prince - d.m.s.r.
  • prince - hello
  • talk: purple rain, covers, around the world in a day, wendy & lisa, parade, sign o' the times, black album (over madhouse - thirteen)
  • prince - la, la, la, he, he, hee
  • prince - shockadelica
  • prince - rockhard in a funky place
  • talk: shockadelica, black album, lovesexy, batman soundtrack, graffiti bridge, george clinton, diamonds & pearls, love symbol #2
  • prince - sexy m.f.
  • prince - return of the bump squad
  • talk: n.p.g., live in montreal, rapping, greatest hits, come, madhouse, the gold experience, girl 6, chaos & disorder, emancipation (over prince - west)
  • prince - we gets up
  • prince - make your mama happy
  • talk: ugly in the face, online music revolution
  • prince - crystal ball
  • prince - pretty man
  • prince - 2045 radical man
  • talk: online music, jehovah's witness, rainbow children (over madhouse - two)
  • prince - the work
  • prince - we do this
  • talk: prince's extended family
  • time - tricky
  • talk: outro (over madhouse - ten, madhouse - eleven)

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