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tyas Feb 20, 2018
yeah. still my old intro in this... ;-)
Okay, today I really think it's not that good - but everybody evolves... :-)

funkateer Feb 6, 2011
What a show....will definitly dl this one!!! Great work again Prof. Groove and DJ Static....greetings from Germany
beaurseritots Feb 1, 2011
Nauczylem sie wiele
roland Sep 2, 2010
Hello, like your shows a lot, keep it up..
have a question also about one song,
harmful spaniard - funk me (russia)
cant find any info about that collabo, is it possible to help us little

eins zwo May 26, 2010
oh my god, just listned to every song u have listed here and... i got no words. in times of audio-visual pollution this is just a thing u can count on. srsly youre the best
eins zwo May 26, 2010
heftiger scheiss
wicked stuff lads, whish their would be some chillin stuff from hamburg/ germany:)

fUNKjOKER Mar 16, 2010
Just 1 sentence:
"Nobody does what u guys do!!!"
1 love from berlin city!

james rambo Nov 23, 2009
DOPE.. one of my favorite shows on wefunk
jambo Oct 3, 2009
wicked mixes and online.
skateboarder Sep 21, 2009
wikked jams all the time, everytime
Marcin Jul 27, 2009
Crazy as usual! Finally could put my hands on 1 of those tees :) can't wait to receive it! THANKS FOR CZESLAW NIEMEN!!!
mojo., AkA Harvester emcee Jul 26, 2009
big up big up!! wefunk youfunk the whole world lets funk! putting out the crispy delic euro flavor, much luv & respect to PG & DJ Stat for this banger show,. ya dope manchilde keep burning the mic!
peace.. form the land down unda!! AUS., SA, ADL represent......

sromski Jul 24, 2009
aiiiiiiii CzesBaw czuje rytm ,ludzie czuj czesBawa! BiG Up FROM CRACOW
Imperversator Jul 22, 2009
I like your website, it's super he!
ZBy. Jul 21, 2009
"A ty mnie nie chcesz latem dojrzaBym!"
Big up! This show is sick. :D

ToMyS Jul 21, 2009
Big, big, big respect for playing Czeslaw Niemen song "Zechcesz Mnie Zechcesz"
ONE LOVE from Poland!!! :)
(Awsome SHOW)

A KOOL A Jul 20, 2009
Almazone Jul 18, 2009
Yo! A fu*#in' Big Up for your show 565! A real pleasure to hear a Niemen track, I'm polish & he's a very famous big artist from the 70's! I really like this singer because of my mum who's a big fan since she were teen, and congratulations to have found this pearl of polish oldskool soul! nice to listen your radio everyday!... all the best for the future, best regards
Svente Jul 17, 2009
this is one of a hell great uptempo absolutely favorite show....thanks guys!! all the best from germany
Calou Jul 17, 2009
The show we all have been waiting for.Great One.Grand Master Dee Nasty to the max!! Greats Mixes Bros!!.
BiG UP!!

cj Jul 16, 2009
Niemen instead of Nieman. Groovy as usual by the way.
nick Jul 16, 2009
My favourite show. The European funk and hip hop was PHAT!!. And the Lords track is PHAT!! Nice player as well!!
josch Jul 15, 2009
great show - blumentopf and james "hansi" last @ wefunk - you really rock da scene!
Chris Check the Vibe Radioshow Jul 15, 2009
One of my favorites shows, i like this mixture of great european funk and even german hiphop by Blumentopf. Keep up your great work...
With best regards from Germany, Chris

tyas Jul 15, 2009
blumentopf@wefunk - very nice!
GM Jul 14, 2009
WOW!!! That Lord Of Da Underground!!!!!!
That's tru blueprint Hip Hop right there.....

La Fours Jul 14, 2009
keep up the good work fellas! nice to see u guys passin uk side

Show 565

WEFUNK crisscrosses Europe in this special mix of tracks collected on our latest European tour - from raw funk to dramatic soundtrack joints, crazy drums, underground hip hop and transatlantic collabos. Leave the passport at home and ride with us as we groove through the UK, Austria, France, Germany, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Finland and Croatia.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Manchilde, Dynamic, DJ Alive / RECORDED June 12, 2009 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • waxolutionists feat. mystic, dave ghetto & hezekiah - feet don't fail me   (austria/u.s.a.)
  • talk (over waahli - sometimes i feel)   (canada)
  • functionist feat. specifics - redux   (austria/canada)
  • alien entertainment feat. black canvas - shoot 2 kill   (austria/u.k.)
  • d.j. kompact feat. rider shafique & caroline scott - blessed   (austria/u.k.)
  • family fortune feat. jessica darling - work   (u.k.)
  • eric thoeners sound magazine - speed limit   (germany)
  • limp twins - if it ain't broke... break it   (u.k.)
  • haggis horns - pipe bag   (u.k.)
  • wake & bake - funkie pie   (russia)
  • niemen - zechcesz mnie zechcesz (you will want me)   (poland)
  • eddie warner - devil's anvil   (france)
  • james last - rice and beans   (germany)
  • peter herbolzheimer - rock-o-mobile   (germany)
  • manchilde - rolla skatin'   (canada)
  • live freestyles by manchilde & dynamic (over manchilde - rolla skatin' instrumental, trishes - new wave instrumental)   (canada, austria)
  • darko domijan - zlatokosa (edit)   (croatia)
  • syrius - the fever (loop edit)   (hungary)
  • king of bongo - breakers do it   (russia)
  • eddie warner - brutas drums   (france)
  • ken aldin - dark alley   (germany)
  • frank mantis - pick it up   (germany)
  • don anderson - understanding   (germany)
  • harmful spaniard - funk me   (russia)
  • blumentopf - eins a   (germany)
  • ilarius feat. blade, black tiger & kalmoo - nid fake   (switzerland)
  • functionist feat. toni blackman & ronin ali - take mic   (austria/u.s.a.)
  • dee nasty feat. m.c. dynamax - no sell out   (france/u.s.a.)
  • dee nasty feat. dead prez - san francisco   (france/u.s.a.)
  • lords of the underground - mic check
  • method man & redman - dangerous mcees
  • keith mansfield - big shot   (u.k.)
  • rae & christian - bacatau   (u.k.)
  • i gres - restless   (italy)
  • orchestra heinz kiessling - uptown   (germany)
  • lovejoys - the streets of san francisco   (switzerland)
  • eddie warner - funky kid   (france)
  • talk (over olli ahvenlahti - grandma's rocking chair)   (finland)

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