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NJ Nov 5, 2020
Wow, Ruby Jane's first set - a sign of things to come! Static was right- this is one spicy stew of all things delicious across the decades. Some real gems coming outta this one - that 1947 track! And Ruby was right about the scorpyons, great cover of Think. Keep on doing what you doing and let great music live! From London, in the U of the K
phatdeez Sep 24, 2013
I be buggin out on this funky ass mix! Respect for mad ol'skeezy
Lolly Pluck Jun 6, 2011
Loving it sweetly here in Peterborough, thank you LADIES!!
WB86 Apr 1, 2011
Just head this show from archive... wow... What can i say... Tune in WeFunk - and you will never be disappointed.
Mateo Dec 2, 2009
Sick mix RubyJane!!!
Korea Mike Dec 2, 2009
Worldwide, WE Funk is one of the best!
Thanks for years of gut wrenching mixes and of course FUNK!!

Pushy Peacenik Oct 29, 2009
Thanks 2 wefunk!
Wefunking for Real People! Peace

Dil B Aug 16, 2009
Never heard of this radio station before... but before im through everyone i know will do... this station is too funky!! Kick ass!!!
jew from st. lou Aug 14, 2009
out of control, retro, flip your shit, burn it down, type feel
jvgraph Aug 12, 2009
SUP WEFUNK back from vacation in Canada. Had a great time but could listen to any WEFUNK :( Didn't know I could miss a radio station so much.
VexOne Aug 10, 2009
Your blend of funk & hip hop has hit me right in my musical gut. Thanks for bringing tha funk and keeping hip hop alive. One love from Norway :-)
Emcee Sick Aug 9, 2009
Peace to Ruby Jane and Static, real happy to see that the Pseudo Slang Walkin' joint made it on your playlist - the show is real dope ya'll.
Hit me with an email, would be more than happy to hit you with some other joints I have lurkin around:
- sick

wm Aug 5, 2009
Just tuned in from New Zealand - lovin what you're doin guys! I'm converted. Will be listenin from here on out! CHURR!
Ben Aug 5, 2009
I love the wefuuuuuuuunks!!!!!!!!!!
3 stars 2 bars Aug 3, 2009
DC represent all over this one! Chuck brown, Wale, AND Grap Luva??! NICE...dont sleep on Oddisee, XO, and YU new release, DIAMOND DISTRICT...
slimbo Jul 30, 2009
Hot show as always. Bustin' loose always gets me moving. Much love from cali.
Soulchyld Jul 30, 2009
Ruby is the best!
mojo., AkA Harvester emcee Jul 29, 2009
wale & gaga., bomb track!! pseudo & grap luva off the fukn hook!! maestro with the fresh flavor! big to the wefunk fam., much luv from the land down unda.,.AUS. SA, ADL Hill., HAO represent.....
Scramblelock Jul 29, 2009
Sidewinder's Ego Riot is soooooooooo good! That Scorpyons track is ill too! Ruby Jane rocks!!!!
And Professor Groove IS a dreamboat!

dj gv Jul 28, 2009
uuhhhh.. what? this mix is sicker than swine flu, and funkier than my tennis shorts! SO GOOD!

Show 566

Guest DJ Ruby Jane treats WEFUNK to a mix of female vocals, funky covers, sweet soul, new jack and disco flavors - including tracks from Guy, Dam-Funk, Mayer Hawthorne and Nicole Willis. Plus: Wale's "Chillin" gets a stellar remix from Skratch Bastid, Karma Atchykah shines on "Sufferah" featuring Bank of Mount Real, and jazz samples rule the day on joints from Funky DL, Alphabet Stew, Pseudo Slang and Black Milk.

Check out more from Ruby Jane on Mixcloud

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Ruby Jane / RECORDED June 19, 2009 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • wale feat. lady gaga - chillin (skratch bastid remix)
  • talk (over super lover cee & casanova rud - girls i got 'em locked instrumental)
  • maestro fresh-wes - drop the needle
  • maestro fresh-wes - let your backbone slide
  • monie love - it's a shame
  • tony! toni! toné! - it feels good
  • guy - teddy's jam
  • mtume - prime time
  • talk (over dâm-funk - burgundy city)
  • orgone - i get lifted
  • chuck brown & the soul searchers - bustin' loose
  • mark ronson vs. quantic soul orchestra - pushin ronson (bonobo edit)
  • d.j. tib feat. willie wright & brother martin - right on!
  • funky d.l. feat. lei-an & xantoné blacq - 1947
  • alphabet stew - 45th p.
  • pseudo slang feat. grap luva - walkin'
  • black milk - mo power
  • mayer hawthorne - just ain't gonna work out
  • trinikas - remember me
  • james brown - your love
  • frank de jo jo - turn off the lights
  • barrabas - it
  • first choice - love and happiness
  • dennis mobley & fresh taste - superstition
  • scorpyons of jamaica - think
  • karma atchykah feat. bank of mount real - sufferah
  • lotus & troy dunnit - nu flava
  • company flow feat. j-treds & the brewin - the fire in which you burn
  • la coka nostra feat. bun b. - choose your side
  • ann sexton - you're losing me
  • gladys knight & the pips - i heard it through the grapevine
  • nino tempo & 5th ave. sax - sister james
  • nicole willis & the soul investigators - feeling free
  • talk (over sidewinder - ego riot, risco connection - good times)
  • universal two - dancing heart

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