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belibaste31 Oct 13, 2011
@pfjenkins thanks for peince paul !
pfjenkins Aug 26, 2011
@grazmataz No sir, I don't think they do...
pfjenkins Aug 26, 2011
@Professor Groove Thanks for the show(s)!
Professor Groove Aug 24, 2011
@pfjenkins: Thanks for the Prince Paul track ID!
pfjenkins Aug 24, 2011
What's (who?!??)the deal with the little kids doing Shimmy Shimmy Ya?
pfjenkins Aug 24, 2011
Prince Paul track is 'Night My Girlfriend Left Me' off of the 'Itstrumental' LP.
belibaste Jul 1, 2011
Thank you P-groove! wefunkkkkkkkkk!
Professor Groove Jun 24, 2011
@belibaste: I asked DJ Bliss, and he's not sure if the artist/title is correct for the Prince Paul track. Anyone know?
belibaste Jun 24, 2011
hi, i can find the song "love you too" of prince paul.
Anybody can help me please?

Budynscratch Apr 25, 2011
grazmataz Nov 7, 2010
is it just me or does everyone think quasimoto sounds exactly the same on every track he raps on?
20000hz Nov 2, 2010
This shit is so dope, I think I just OD'd
DARKVADIM Jun 19, 2010
emiljan Apr 23, 2010
listen we funk smok a joint
theboynton Mar 26, 2010
bliss's set is WILD - thanks for bringing beats like this into our lives, guys.
FunkM.D. Mar 20, 2010
dumas junior's track.... what a genre bender.
frazer Feb 28, 2010
absolutely loving bliss' set. please get him back to guest again soon.
waxibal Feb 28, 2010
I hope you guys last forever! Youve introduced me to whole genre of funk music that Im loving.
Kron!x Feb 26, 2010
Awesome session! The first 6 songs set the tone for my whole night. Keep up the excellence =D
maniUK Feb 26, 2010
This session is so fucking dope, unreal!
XTO Feb 26, 2010
The new player is really impressive... and the programs are even better! Urr├║, from Brasil!
Lockley Feb 26, 2010
This new player is siiiiiiiiiiick! I'm so glad I discovered WEFUNK, it's right down my alley. Keep it up!
benni Feb 25, 2010
love it!
especially headnodic - lullaby & kenny dope - mr. dope
light it up!

Professor Groove Feb 25, 2010
Thanks Moonman37 and Mr.IMP! I should've caught that Gap Band switcheroo. Big kudos for the Kodak track ID!
Steel Feb 24, 2010
OH MY GAWD, where do you come up with this shit? Just when I think it couldn't get any better, WEFUNK gets me up outta my seat singing. Great Party & Bullshit mix!
Mr.IMP Feb 24, 2010
Hey Proferssor Groove that sounds like "Shake" by the Gap Band not the Barkays?!?!
You guys are the best keep FUNKing it up!

kouglof Feb 23, 2010
thank you Moonman37!
J Feb 23, 2010
The Moonman did it! It's "Praiano" by Kojak on Brazil Remixed 2. You're the man, Moonman!
Moonman37 Feb 22, 2010
So that Prisma track... Looks like it may be a track called "Praiano" by K00l Kojak Comandante.
Dj Saguenay Feb 22, 2010
Ce set tue... Encore plus Groove!!Keep going you and Bliss make a good team.
Moonman37 Feb 22, 2010
So fresh it hurts. This set is a monster.
atachtat Feb 21, 2010
Nightmares on wax, digg!!
Any chance to funk up Athens, Greece?

kouglof Feb 21, 2010
sorry professor, i give up for the Prisma track...
noe Feb 21, 2010
excelente musica. muy buena. felicidades
Andy Feb 20, 2010
p.s. any plans for wefunk to come to london over the summer?
Andy Feb 20, 2010
many thanks for the rip advice really are the master
Professor Groove Feb 20, 2010
@Andy: Capanni's "Miracles" appears to be extremely rare and it's currently in demand, so it basically comes down to 1) find someone who actually owns it and expect to pay $500+, or 2) rip it from youtube.
Suga Masta Feb 19, 2010
Professor groove i had a funkin good time at the last funk night at vinyl but you do funk bro!!
andy Feb 19, 2010
come professor, if you really are one of those academic types, tell us how we can get hold of a copy of that mark capanni track....
Professor Groove Feb 18, 2010
A little Bullfrog trivia.... back in the day they originally called themselves "Publik Enema". No idea why they changed the name. ;-) They had one cassette, self-released. Anyone wants a rip, email me.
Professor Groove Feb 18, 2010
@Phillie: Almost.... Kid Koala was in a live band called Bullfrog. Their 2001 self-titled CD contained "Snakeskin".
DJ Phillie Feb 18, 2010
Bullfrog - Snakeskin is actually Kid Koala...from his "Bullfrog" album....and i'm also dying to know what that Prisma song is.
Professor Groove Feb 17, 2010
Thanks kouglof! Anyone know the Prisma track?
kouglof Feb 17, 2010
end of the bliss 1st set: Sundance "set it straight" V/A dope on plastic vol 6...
Fruitmaine Feb 17, 2010
this show is tight as ALWAYS! much respect coming from everyone in the UK locked usual!
j├╝rgsimilian Feb 17, 2010
thank you professor, for holding it down. the love and passion for this shit is epic. you know how to keep our cultur and attitude alive!! keep on rockin it.. much love and deepest respect from vienna..!!
PushyPeacenik Feb 16, 2010
Bless ends his first set fucking brilliant!
Great Show like everytime, I funk with wefunk! Peace

J Feb 16, 2010
Hey Groove, how old is that Martin L. Dumas Jr. track? For a minute I thought I was listening to a version of "Sun Goddess" until the lyrics came in. Smooth set this week boys, big up fellas, keep on wefunkin'!
Zeit Rapha Feb 16, 2010
iFunk 24/7!

Show 591

Blissful Beats: DJ Bliss gets deep into headnod instrumentals and smoked out grooves from DJ Spooky, Kenny Dope, Nightmares on Wax, Prince Paul and more. Soul gold from Mark Capanni ("I Believe in Miracles" dusty original) and Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, heavy boogie remixes by Alien Delon, DJ F.U.N.K. and Masters at Work, and an R.I.P. to Apache from Flavor Unit.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, DJ Bliss / RECORDED January 29, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • nice & smooth - do whatcha gotta
  • talk (over apache - gangsta bitch instrumental)
  • apache - do fa self
  • naughty by nature - it's on
  • d.j. spooky - galactic funk   (beginning of bliss' 1st set)
  • quasimoto - fatbacks
  • men with sticks - ode to a blunt
  • beastie boys - flute loop (instrumental)
  • el michels affair - shimmy shimmy ya
  • headnodic - lullaby
  • armand van helden - hot butter
  • kenny dope - mr. dope
  • j. boogie's dubtronic science - afros in ya
  • sundance - set it straight   (end of bliss' 1st set)
  • b. lamastre - the best disco music (alien delon extended edit)
  • kadenza - let's do it (edit)
  • tavares - i'm back for more
  • linda clifford - runaway love (m.a.w. mix)
  • gap band - shake (grooveservice re-edit)
  • notorious b.i.g. - party & bullshit (f.u.n.k. disco blend)
  • herbaliser - a little groove   (beginning of bliss' 2nd set)
  • jay dee - think twice
  • prince paul - the night my girlfriend left me
  • peace bureau - vibe providin'
  • nightmares on wax - 195lbs
  • 9 lazy 9 - black jesus
  • kool kojak comandante - praiano
  • bullfrog - snakeskin
  • pharaoh sanders - the creator has a master plan (trip hop remix)
  • d.j. krush - whuz the solution   (end of bliss' 2nd set)
  • martin l. dumas, jr. - attitude, belief & determination
  • travis biggs - tibetian serenity
  • les mccann - the morning song
  • mark capanni - i believe in miracles
  • harold melvin & blue notes - wake up everybody
  • talk (over jerzy milian - gacek, siegfried schwab - get the groove, bei bei & shawn lee - hot thursday)
  • rose royce - keep on keepin' on

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