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NJ Jul 13, 2020
Showing this show some love ten years on! And still kick-ass as ever, that groove never dies. Ruby Jane bringing her A-game, love the cuts from Jill Scott and Mtume. The end to the Andre Cymone cut got me dancing like crazy - definitely Prince having a hand in that one. and RIP Dilla, never forgotten, always remembered. Big love from London, UK
Festus Jan 30, 2011
Wefunk is da Shit !!!
Dj Static and Professer Groove take the cake when it comes to Internet-Radio Streaming

Jimsten Jan 22, 2011
Great show. Just love the classics! Peace
c3pp0 Nov 30, 2010
Best radio show ever! Do the funk yeah!!! Greetz from Germany
Mario Eme Aug 13, 2010
Good Show. A Funkateer from Chile !!
el-turquo May 2, 2010
this IS the shit
Ruby Jane Apr 20, 2010
ha! No baked goods that night. Just a busy week with little sleep culminating in a Friday night meltdown in the Wefunk studio.
DrFunkno Apr 16, 2010
Is it just me, or is Ruby Jane baked to the bejesus? She's hot either way... notha great show
mastamugznyc Apr 8, 2010
morcheeba rox!
DJ Mont Apr 7, 2010
that song from indigo jam unit & flexlife is sick man. I had to do my research to know who where this guys. Crazy tune. Saludos desde Puerto Rico. Peace.
T.Jay Mar 22, 2010
Great show. Love that Odyssey and Andre Cymone back-to-back. Keep it up!
guime Mar 21, 2010
salut from brazil..grat set!!
codleste Mar 20, 2010
muto bom este set!!! very good... peace..
SuperShawn Mar 17, 2010
Just watched the Dennis Edwards video. Ruby Jane is right- it's horrible!! :)
sputskee Mar 9, 2010
i believe in miracles!! show 592 funky as funk.
plattenmayer Mar 8, 2010
OMG!! actually my favorite show!! word!
ajp Mar 7, 2010
wow , wot a show,. Truly funkfilled!
themick7 Mar 6, 2010
Hott Hott Hott as usual, loving wefunk each and every day! Keep on Groovin!
DCarKeys Mar 6, 2010
Cooking kitchen, Uk, Saturday night. Love, love, love, love, love. xx
SikkiSyke Mar 6, 2010
I just keep listening this site year after year, and it just getting better and better! You guys bring the good stuff all over the world! Keep up the good work! Ps: New shirt is beautiful piece of work!
Sander W Mar 6, 2010
All this show needs is a 'repeat' button so you can play it 24/7!
ShakaD Mar 4, 2010
You can't touch this sh*t! Asolutely outstanding. Never ever stop!
gfunk Mar 3, 2010
great lead-off song for the show - deep-down, dirty funk! Been listenin' for 8 years and counting... Mar 3, 2010
Can it get any funkier than this? I can't stop making that scrunched face with these grooves!!!!
olskolsis Mar 3, 2010
I have been in love with wefunk for about 5 years and still loving every minute of it. Keep doing what you do. Respects!
sanYo Mar 3, 2010
very good this site..
Sanyi, from Hungary (EU)

oddjob Mar 3, 2010
Big up for that Dennis Edwards track - haven't heard that one in years! Bad ass so cheesy it's gooey soul...
Edinburgh Mar 2, 2010
That just reset the mix.
Edinburgh Mar 2, 2010
Cannae beat it.
dawishkid85 Mar 1, 2010
Love wefunk to the tenth power please do a show in miami sometime love what yall down showing respect from florida

Show 592

Ruby Jane returns with a stack of soulful treats by Mtume, Solaris, Sly Stone (remixed by Moby), The Roots, Odyssey, Angie Stone and more. Static selects a retrospective to mark the anniversary of Dilla's passing, highlighting his soulful side and earlier works. And Groove delivers double-strength jazz collabos, from Trishes & Aladin Sani's "Take My Hands" to Indigo Jam Unit & Flexlife's flip of the Jackson Sisters' "I Believe in Miracles".

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DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Ruby Jane / RECORDED February 5, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • choice four - come down to earth (david todd mix)
  • talk (over choice four - come down to earth (david todd mix))
  • new jersey connection - love don't come easy (instrumental edit)
  • trishes & aladin sani - take my hands (mr. t. expansion)
  • indigo jam unit & flexlife - i believe in miracles
  • morcheeba - let me see (reflection eternal hip hop mix)
  • gift of gab - flashback
  • jill scott - rightness
  • solaris - cat's away
  • dennis edwards feat. siedah garrett - don't look any further
  • mtume - hip dip skipdabeat
  • latyrx - lady don't tek no
  • roots - guns are drawn
  • jeanne & the darlings - soul girl
  • som livre house band - papa don't take no mess
  • u-n-i - stakes is high
  • hi-tek feat. talib kweli & dion - time
  • a tribe called quest - peace, prosperity & paper
  • rel!g!on feat. moka only & e.d.g.e. - lucid
  • wale feat. bun b. - mirrors
  • georgia anne muldrow & declaime feat. prince po, yu & d.j. clear - get up
  • odyssey - inside out
  • andre cymone - the dance electric
  • sly & the family stone - love city (moby remix)
  • stone - girl, i like the way you move
  • angie stone - wish i didn't miss you
  • janet jackson feat. q-tip & joni mitchell - got 'til it's gone (ummah jay dee's revenge mix)
  • dwele feat. slum village - find a way (jay dee remix)
  • jay dee - think twice
  • de la soul feat. mos def & truth enola - stakes is high (remix)
  • busta rhymes - so hardcore
  • masta ace incorporated - sittin' on chrome (ummah remix)
  • talk (over a tribe called quest - 1nce again instrumental)

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