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NJ Dec 11, 2019
Digging into your archives... a super funky super tight show to celebrate turning 600! Great selections from scramble lock, a thorough run down of hip hop by static and a trawl through early funk by Prof Groove which rarely gets a look in generally in the funk scene. Big love from London, the UK
LioR Dec 7, 2010
Thanks & Keep Funkin' !
rudebwoy Sep 14, 2010
steel May 28, 2010
600 strong, WEFUNK forever.
smittyfitty May 26, 2010
"...funky, funky, funky, funky, funky hit records." -- congrats on a great show and the 600 mark!
peter piper May 24, 2010
Thank you, man. I really like your selections.... Keep up the good work.
CraigCurrahee May 21, 2010
Archie Bell! Summertime Paradise Garage vibe baby! You guys kill me man..Word
maughtner May 19, 2010
sheer genius, well done on the milestone and come back to the UK soon ...
mp May 19, 2010
great stuff been listening since the early days - glad to see to reach 600 shows - bring on the next 600
g-cortex May 18, 2010
long time audioHence. big time props. very honest show! thumbz up, keep on&stay safe
Tank May 18, 2010
Grats to the WeFunk crew!
Busterbeam May 18, 2010
awesome show all around! congrats on 600. i dont know if you guys have it in you but i want to see you get to 1000!!!
undergroundhiphop702 May 17, 2010
loving the jams keep pumping um out... this is the best station ever
highrise May 17, 2010
600 X thanks.
Yann May 17, 2010
yet another funky, groovy show!!! I'm tripping on the bar-kays joint now! Keep up the nice work guys!
Tatersalad May 16, 2010
Whhaaa, Big Ups WEFUNK *600*
You the funkiest.

olskoool May 16, 2010
MUCH RESPECTS to the 600th show.
Peter May 16, 2010
Long live Static, Groove and the whole Wefunk staff!
Calou May 15, 2010
Great show with such classics as BDP, jzyy jef We funk still rules the world.

Bexmusic May 15, 2010
first of all. CONGRATULATIONS WEFUNK FOR 600 SHOWS! following your radiostation for so many years now. you opened my mind for so much good music. thanks and keep it going! "its real funk baby!"
Edmoondo May 15, 2010
I've just started this show on he 3rd track, and its amazin so far, i'll be dying with a full blown funk attack by the end of this show.
Soyasoce May 15, 2010
600 done !
Thousands to come!
Thxks and keep funkin'
Peace from hgkg.

Dflex May 14, 2010
WeFunk... Ive been listening to your jams for over 4 years!
As a bboy and a lover of fine tunes you guys have got me through so much and kept the funk in my soul alive!!! congratulations and keep on for another 600... much love from australia D-Flex

David May 14, 2010
Congrats on 600 awesome shows, from your fans on Vancouver Island!
ValhallaPrime May 14, 2010
STATIC! Verbs of Power!!!!!!!
Thank you!!! Yes!

Valhallaprime May 14, 2010
Congrats on the 600! diving into it now....Much love from Delaware.
CrispyRoll May 14, 2010
Thank u guys for, again, a totally great show.
And a special thanks to scramblelock for the locking section...a great tribute to the late greg 'campbellock jr.' pope, pioneer of this dance called locking and missed so very much. god rest his soul!
peace and love!

Chris May 14, 2010
To the We Funk Family thank you, thank you, thank you for playing incredible selections of tunes to make ya go whoa!!!!!! Keep keeping on from Sydney Australia ..
Peace n Love

Joss. de NekoWear May 14, 2010
great job WE FUNK !! We support you from all over the world !! Peace !
machiavelli May 14, 2010
Congrats on show 600! Much love from LA! Peace.
cam May 13, 2010
much love n respect and congrats on show 600!!!
kouglof May 13, 2010
600 shows !
Never give up!
Static & Professor, you are in the history of funky music

Dawishkid85 May 13, 2010
Wow 600 show please keep the funk and old school raps going love this show been listen for a while in florida. Keep up the good work Professor Groove and Dj static
Ruby Jane May 13, 2010
Much respect for the production value of the Scramblelock spot. Groove should work for the CBC! Thanks to Static for the epic hip hip retrospect.
Thank you both for thousands of funky musical hours! Rocksteady baby!

Le glob May 13, 2010
Yeh thanks for the 600 Hyperfunkyshows
Mishkin May 13, 2010
Congratulations to the 600th show!!!
Keep on spreading the good vibes :-)
Much love & respect from Düsseldorf, Germany

La Fours May 13, 2010
!!!! Happy birthday !!!!
90's Hip-Hop for me has a special place for me, but hey keep rockin' for the next 600 shows.

leandre May 13, 2010
Happy 600th show !!!
Prof, Static...YOU FUNK ! respects !

Show 600

Six hundred strong: WEFUNK marks our 600th show with an in-depth feature on the funk dance Locking - its history, the music, pioneers and evolution. Plus Groove celebrates the earliest years of funk with a special '65-68 set, and Static breaks down the hiphop side into 3 decades, from pioneering tracks from Busy Bee and Spoonie Gee all the way to a blazing new joint by Janelle Monae featuring Big Boi from Outkast.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static / RECORDED April 2, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • minority band - live
  • talk (over young m.c. - know how instrumental)
  • archie bell - any time is right (d.j. apt one edit)
  • d.j. jazzy jeff & the fresh prince - live at union square   (start of 80s hip hop set)
  • boogie down productions - you must learn (remix)
  • disco dave & the force of the five m.c.'s - high power rap
  • spoonie gee & the treacherous three - love rap
  • busy bee - making cash money
  • jimmy spicer - money (dollar bill y'all)
  • locking special featuring scramblelock (over roy ayers - our time is coming, isaac hayes movement - disco connection, kano - i'm ready, don (soul train) campbell - campbell lock, stone - time instrumental, james brown - i got a bag of my own, wynd chymes - baby you're the one (professor groove fakestrumental edit) kano - i'm ready)
  • sun - sun is here   (start of scramblelock's locking selections)
  • walter murphy band - midnight express
  • bar-kays - more and more
  • mass production - welcome to our world
  • instant funk - bodyshine
  • beastie boys - sure shot   (start of 90s hip hop set)
  • kid capri - the apollo
  • 2pac - panther power
  • x clan - verbs of power
  • xzibit - what u see is what u get
  • guru feat. chaka khan - watch what you say
  • royal flush feat. noreaga - what a shame
  • james brown - papa's got a brand new bag   (1965)
  • majestics - do your own thing   (1968)
  • james brown - i can't stand myself (when you touch me)   (1968)
  • marva whitney - i'm tired, i'm tired, i'm tired (things better change before it's too late)   (1968)
  • charles wright & the watts 103rd street rhythm band - fried okra   (1967)
  • booker t. & the m.g.'s - hip hug-her   (1967)
  • syl johnson - different strokes   (1967)
  • dyke & the blazers - funky walk   (1968)
  • sly & the family stone - m'lady (live)   (1968)
  • masters of illusion - the bay-bronx bridge   (start of 2000's hip hop set)
  • d.j. format feat. abdominal & d-sisive - separated at birth
  • outkast feat. raekwon - royal flush
  • janelle monae feat. big boi - tightrope
  • ill-literacy - gentleman's kool-aid
  • talk (over j. dilla - king)

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