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deasy Sep 15, 2012
this show is DOPE! it makes my day. keep up good work guys. i know there are lots of radio streaming out there but i can't be bothered risking my ears since i have the RAD WEFUNK radio streaming here
pete Oct 7, 2011
brand new funk - interlude is the only respectful way to finish upp - give it to you. peace and love to the WEFUNK family.
MasSiVo Mar 30, 2011
WoW!! WeFunk keep it up!!! Definitely the ShiT!! Always keep me in the zone... Peace!
theboynton Mar 18, 2011
wefunk, one mo gain!
Ron Solo Jan 20, 2011
After years of listening 2 WeFunk I can finallysay THIS IS MY FAVOURITE FUCKIN SHOW EVER!!!!!! One!
rudebwoy Oct 16, 2010
veeery smooth selection, perfect !
PHUNKSTARR Sep 19, 2010
Its my birthday Ive asked for cash so I can at least try and start a collection that is 100% wefunk led. If I could Id buy you all a diamond ring.
Mdeck Jun 15, 2010
Awesome selection Camero!
craigcurrahee Jun 11, 2010
Camero. Sick. Donovan track. Sick.
Wefunk has changed my soul. Respect.

imported Jun 6, 2010
dynamite show!
NickNameless Jun 4, 2010
I miss Mister Magic. Shout outs to Upstate NY!
Luca T May 31, 2010
That Reflection Eternal tune is dope! Great to hear that amazing Dusty Fingers track "Southbound" in the mix!
hindsightufuk May 25, 2010
Sweetness, Wefunk back on fire, Camero's sets we're awesome. That Nina Simone tune is just too fucking fly
Quincy (ATL) May 25, 2010
Jay Electronica spitting hot fire
Ginnsey May 24, 2010
Yes Brad it is!
Dante - Family Funktunes May 24, 2010
The masters! Can't get enough of the tunes. Big inspiration. Peace out x
littlegirlblue May 23, 2010
I am in love with this deep groove infusion!Got shivers listening to it on my Studiophile Q40s!
Brad May 23, 2010
Ginnsey??? Is that you sam?
Ginnsey May 22, 2010
I figured it out! Biz Markie:- I told you
Mishkin May 22, 2010
Frak me, this is an all-time top 5 show!!!
Ron Solo May 22, 2010
Damn,jus found out that you´ve played Manfred Krug....which was a very famous german actor,RIP. neva knew that he was THAT talented on the horns. Grrrrreat Set, gentlemen! One Love!
Ron Solo

win.kLe May 21, 2010
A rare version of "Get thy Bearings" was performed live by King Crimson on their Epitaph recordings... also very good but less funk.
Jono in DC May 21, 2010
Great set - I thought Deodato was an Isley Bros - it's your thang cover for a bit. good tune.
Ginnsey May 21, 2010
Get thy bearings! Amazing! please tell me the hip hop tune ive heard thats sampled it!!
Jabu May 21, 2010
Just WOW, no words for the awesomeness of THIS episode of Wefunk. Perfect show for the first warm summer night!
Tyrone in DC May 21, 2010
Jay Electronica - Exhibit C. Funky stuff.
Cas.B (co-founder world Wide connects) May 21, 2010
Super Funkey
uniquesn0wflake May 21, 2010
amazing show! (601) The drums in the last song by nina simone are wicked! Funkier than a mosquito's tweeter.
hanz May 20, 2010
... get thy bearings, awsome!
Uli May 20, 2010
BMJ May 20, 2010
Concuring with J- def caught a doors rift in the sound studio orchestra track?
J May 20, 2010
Funk at its finest

Show 601

DJ Camero's got the chillout jazz breaks and moody funk sounds, taking us into the grooves of Grant Green, The Dramatics, Manfred Krug, Upp, The Horny Horns and "Brother" Jack McDuff. Jay Electronica catches his stride with the Just Blaze-produced "Exhibit C", reigning soul powerhouse Sharon Jones is back with brand new funky goodness, and Nina Simone pulls no punches in her cover of "Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter".

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, DJ Camero / RECORDED April 9, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • reflection eternal feat. j. cole, jay electronica & mos def - just begun
  • talk (over roots - hot shit)
  • jay electronica - exhibit c.
  • busta rhymes - bad dreams
  • joe kickass - captain rod
  • brother jack mcduff - theme from electric surfboard   (start of camero's 1st set)
  • sound studio orchestra - southbound
  • a. parker - relaxed spacious
  • arawak - accadde a bali
  • dramatics - whatcha see is whatcha get
  • bill withers - use me
  • donovan - get thy bearings
  • d. richmond - confunktion
  • hardy's jet band - selected sound
  • annette peacock - survival
  • salt - hung up
  • duralcha - ghetto funk
  • barry ungar - lightly salted   (end of camero's 1st set)
  • 4 iza cru - boriqua skinz
  • mega banton - sound boy killing (remix)
  • big l. - flamboyant
  • nas feat. a.z., cormega, foxy brown & jungle - affirmative action (remix)
  • 45 king - flipshot (blend with john klemmer - live is life/live is love)
  • mood - secrets of the sand (remix)
  • slum village - forth & back
  • david mccallum - the edge   (start of camero's 2nd set)
  • upp - give it to you
  • brand new funk - interlude
  • fred wesley & the horny horns - four play
  • tom scott - sneakin' in the back
  • deodato - september 13th
  • alan tew - headlights
  • manfred krug - wenn der urlaub kommt
  • grover washington jr. - mister magic
  • james brown - funky president   (end of camero's 2nd set)
  • sharon jones & the dap-kings - better things to do
  • ernie k. doe - here come the girls
  • dede soul & the spidells - soul chills
  • pierre henry & michel colombier - jericho jerk
  • nina simone - funkier than a mosquito's tweeter
  • talk (over o'donel levy - maiden voyage, joe bataan - latin strut)

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