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Sam Oct 16, 2016
Thank you for the FUNK! Amazing site, amazing mixes. Have missed you a few times when you came to the UK, sadly. Hopefully next time! Peace!
Roy Nov 21, 2014
One of my all time favorites and I've been listening for over 5 years, thank you.
ICWeener Oct 16, 2013
The DJ Hype/Beat Junkies track, isn't that DJ Marc Hype of Berlin/Germany? Because the picture shows somebody else. Peace to the beat
Del Apr 10, 2013
Always dope and glad to see Troubleneck Bros in this show! Thats fam right there!
39 Feb 23, 2013
Mr. Blend!!! Bang bang bang!!!
Oneworldan Oct 5, 2012
Love me some Ruby Jane!!!
andrei Jan 9, 2011
My famous show :)
wot-wot Nov 29, 2010
Been listening to show 611 for about a month straight. No joke, it is on repeat for me at work and at the gym. That Mr-blend cut is rediculous, but my favorite section is the Dj-hype into Eternia. Rediculous. Keep em coming.
TykWonDoe Nov 22, 2010
Much love from NYC. Montreal, my second home.
If you stop broadcasting, I will find you and ***** you.

Seb Oct 1, 2010
Mika Sep 28, 2010
one word... "DOPE"
keep it up

Nucu Sep 24, 2010
Rediscovered your show after many years. Fantastic beats as usual. Keep it up. Greetings from The Bench - Romania.
DeeJay Kava Sep 20, 2010
I'm looking at my Paula Pery vinyl right now...good of Primo's best beats..thanks Ruby
oldschoollover Sep 20, 2010
hey im from germany an i like your
radio so much
thats real music this shows is one of my favorites :D

Brandy Sep 14, 2010
Great job Ruby Jane!! loved it. and thanks for the Sharron Jones and the Dap Kings. 3
Dr. Crackenstein Sep 7, 2010
second time in the week... c'est bon!!! keep on rollin...
dasmb Aug 30, 2010
Youngblood oh my word.
bexmusic Aug 29, 2010
yo excellent set! awesome tunes and ive been to hamburg too. was freakin hot (sweat everywhere ;D) thanks again for keeping it up for all the years! keep it funky
larusoo Aug 26, 2010
when you coming to England yo?!
jvgraph Aug 23, 2010
SUP WEFUNK good show big up to ruby jane for thorwing some rock n roll in the mix with a classic track!
Cman77 Aug 19, 2010
props from droppin the stones!
keep it up fellaz!
would love to hear u guys incorporate a lil more afrobeat / afro funk!

Duko Aug 18, 2010
nice Set =)
Wefunk 4ever !!!

Luc Aug 13, 2010
Can't wait for the next show. I've been listenin' wefunkradio about 3 weeks now. It's the BEST!
Peee Aug 12, 2010
bigup from germany! always diggin the funky beats. keep up the good work!
Alan Aug 12, 2010
really dope mix, couple of sick old school hip hop bangers ive never heard before!
moahmmed iraqebboy Aug 9, 2010
you guys ROCK
Pfunkifized Aug 6, 2010
Yo Ruby you be killin it again! Love all your mixes, and big ups to Groove and Static for puttin out another bangin show. Who did that Biggie remix? That beat is hot
spectral Aug 6, 2010
instrumental on the solid mas track is sick. aloe blacc was dope too, didn't know the emanon rapper could sing! keep the good vibes going
bexmusic Aug 5, 2010
great show! and haha the mr. blend tune was hilarious !
Zainab Aug 4, 2010
Paula Prery is hot, feelin Aloe Blacc!
Stoycho Aug 3, 2010
The Biggie remix is dope! Awesome! Keep it goin'!
Eastbayrk Aug 2, 2010
That Paula Perry song extra extra is so live! I just gotta say!
Tyrone Aug 2, 2010
Sporty Thievz! Been Forever since I heard that track. Great show. Always good to hear from Ruby Jane.
Ron Solo Aug 2, 2010
The Hamburg Liveset was as hell and crazy as britney on Crack! Thanxxafukkinlot! One Love!
Zeit Rapha Aug 1, 2010
Best Funk-Party I've ever been at in Hamburg! Hope to see you soon in Germany! Greetings
jew from st.lou Aug 1, 2010
a message to o.d.b. is like when johnny cash redid NIN's hurt; even better than the original
koko demollo Aug 1, 2010
Mr Blend won this Show
Mrdreamerchant Jul 31, 2010
Yes Yes Ya'll. Keep the Hip-Hop movin'!! Everyday Struggle remix is especially hard to find. Keep goin' hard!
mr. juzzy Jul 31, 2010
perhaps the best mix. thank you.
Ginnsey Jul 31, 2010
That Mr Blend- a message to odb is fuckin hilarious!! i need to get that on cd somehow!
Fresh Jul 30, 2010
Le cœur du poulet, tout simplement...
trueninjagreen Jul 29, 2010
i got this mix live now its on and its dope
like always we funk is hardcore hip hop funk , and breaks o yes o yes illest

Quantalock Jul 29, 2010
Yessss!! Ruby Jane has dope beats!
dawishkid85 Jul 29, 2010
Ruby Jane you always play the bomb tracks on wefunk keep doing what your doing love this show.

Show 611

Ruby Jane picks out her funk & hip hop summertime classics from Lupe, The Klaxons, Amy Winehouse, Youngblood Brass Band as well as a few special surprise selections. Plus: Eternia teams up with Jean Grae & Tiye Phoenix for a lyrical cookout on "The BBQ" remix, Erick Sermon blasts off over En Vogue's "Hold On" beat, and Orgone and Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings deliver tasty new funk & soul.

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DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Ruby Jane, Scramblelock / RECORDED June 25, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • de la soul - breakadawn
  • talk (over sporty thievz - cheapskate instrumental)
  • sporty thievz - cheapskate
  • outkast - benz or beamer
  • erick sermon - bomdigi (remix)
  • notorious b.i.g. - everyday struggle (remix)
  • klaxons - no diggity   (start of ruby jane's 1st set)
  • paula perry - extra extra
  • emanon - blind love
  • aloe blacc - dollar
  • lupe fiasco - kick push (isaac jordan edit)
  • rolling stones - beast of burden
  • harlem river drive - harlem river drive (theme)
  • youngblood brass band - brooklyn   (end of ruby jane's 1st set)
  • solid mas - the vibes
  • sleestack'z - crystal clear (remix)
  • d.j. hype feat. beat junkies - the hard way
  • eternia & moss feat. tiye phoenix & jean grae - the b.b.q. (remix)
  • grand puba feat. kid capri, sadat x. & lord jamar - this joint right here (remix)
  • grandmaster melle mel & the furious five - piano
  • troubleneck brothers - back to the hip-hop
  • babystone - hello   (start of ruby jane's 2nd set)
  • lions - jungle struttin'
  • derrick laro & trinity - don't stop till you get enough
  • mr. blend - a message to o.d.b.
  • this kid called miles - ring of fire
  • mark ronson feat. amy winehouse - valerie
  • aceyalone feat. bionik - lonely ones
  • noisettes - never forget you   (end of ruby jane's 2nd set)
  • sharon jones & dap-kings - the reason
  • new mastersounds - l.a. root down (dub side of the pier)
  • millie jackson - hypocrisy
  • orgone - crazy queen
  • fabulous souls - take me
  • talk (over 6ix toys - sisters of soul, brothers of funk (greg wilson version))
  • gino dentie & the family - express

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