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Aaron Apr 9, 2015
whats the edit of Coati Mundi? That is a sick edit. Pls give me some help!
Dave [London] Jan 15, 2013
Lovin' the mix today man! Just waking up to it here in London, UK. Keep up the funky work - we don't have radio like this here in the UK, I love it.
dasher Jan 21, 2011
Yeah man, heard that session 4 the first time. Wefunk keep it going, show us the way to the real funk! big up from Germany, Cologne!!! Love your station!!!
dasmb Dec 14, 2010
Jibby Jabba -- it's a posthumous beat from J Dilla off the mixtape "Dillagence." Cop that shit and don't copy it. iTunes.
LZT Nov 6, 2010
Best favorite show so far!!
Jibby Jabba Oct 3, 2010
Busta Rhymes, Quasimoto and Jay Elektronica haves the best instrumental!!! Anybody know the name? Thx
bboy impact toronto Sep 14, 2010
dope beats
AndyFriend Sep 14, 2010
UK listerner ..............
AndyFriend Sep 14, 2010
Indeed - I must say, you do it right.. . Big thanks :)
Chris Mac Sep 14, 2010
Hey you guys are lighting up dark corners in dreary Kent - keep it up guys youre beautiful
shwn Sep 5, 2010
my local wine bar rocks wefunk on the daily. big ups and keep funkin it.
Dutch family Sep 5, 2010
The entire household digs Wefunk!
bmj Sep 3, 2010
def contender for best show
B.O.M.D Sep 1, 2010
Keep up the good work, been tuning in for almost 3 years now!
Y'all need a webcam so we can spy on those vicious cuts......

C..EastLondon Sep 1, 2010
Listening from London, UK.
Favourite playlist on fave show

Jase Sep 1, 2010
OOOOOHHHH yeah! was away for 2 weeks and the payback is soooo nice!
Y'all lay it down so good! Always have.

HansVanRock Aug 30, 2010
Peace & Love from Europe ... great show, keep it up guys. Cheers Hans
Luminous Glow Aug 29, 2010
Lovin this Show 612, Mix record selection. But then i expect nothin less from From ya"ll. Much love from The 412 in the good ol U.S. of A! You should come and visit us. Would love to hear ya"ll mix in person!
!BOMBINO! Aug 26, 2010
MY painting mix of the day... One more closet to go!!!
dasmb Aug 26, 2010
Out on a jog. Was about to give up when the Dilla trio hit. Did another two miles. Thanks Static
corrinne Aug 24, 2010
Mad brilliant! Thank you for you knowledge and skills. ILL.
Benjamón Aug 23, 2010
I already commented that this is one of the best of all-time, just reiterating it.....real nice one, fellas!!
Sammy Aug 22, 2010
thank you guys!!.....big up!

NewferDR Aug 21, 2010
Word! This is a goodie. Loud and proud, East coast, La Repubica Dominicana!
CraigCurrahee Aug 21, 2010
Woah show 612 fellas! Now we're fonkin'
Brownout totally Crazy!

RedShack Aug 20, 2010
I´ve listened to all of your shows and this is easy top 3! Fantastic mix. I´m DJ-ing several times a week and I´m always get a lot of great inspiration from your shows. Just great!
Calou Aug 20, 2010
WAAAOO my men! So finneee gettin' back at ya!!! Missed ya.
You France loves ya..See ya soon..PEACE TO THE WORLDWIDE FAMILLY!

pwenzel Aug 19, 2010
Big ups from area code 612!
Mishkin Aug 19, 2010
never seen a wefunk-playlist that made me go "who?!?!?" so many times ;-) great show
Busterbeam Aug 19, 2010
thank you so much for introducing me to john robinson & lewis parker! what a great song!
Vol1 Aug 17, 2010
Big up to WeFunk for supporting cats like Bofo Fau & Elevated Soul.
Blind Lazy Left Aug 16, 2010
that curtis track is dopppppppee! Need an instrumental of this joint! awesome!
adekoyote Aug 16, 2010
jeezus christ that curtis mayfield joint is SO bangin' !!!!!!!!
it is perfect and quintessential.

viva la lucha Aug 16, 2010
whatup mis companeros groove y static,
thanks for one of the best shows in the past few years. bringing tears to my eyes. we appreciate it and send our love to our canadian brethren.

Poppa Cold One Aug 15, 2010
Aw yeah. Nice set. Can't wait to rock "Does Your Mama Know" on the big speakers! Word to the WeFunk!

Show 612

Featuring Breakestra's tribute to trans-continental funk, Coati Mundi's bizarre boogie treat "Me No Pop I", a Missy/Slick Rick collabo on "Irresistible Delicious", Dogg Master's electronic phunk stylez, a hot new Talib Kweli freestyle over Fat Joe's "Ha Ha", and a Dilla triple-play from Busta, Quasimoto & Jay Electronica.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static / RECORDED July 9, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • brownout - chafa kahn
  • talk (over incognito - fearless)
  • curtis mayfield - love me, love me now
  • coati mundi - me no pop i (edit)
  • mazzi & s.o.u.l. purpose - love is love
  • john robinson & lewis parker - international summers
  • b.u.m.s. - elevation (free my mind)
  • manuel - luv luv
  • wildelux feat. substance p. - hit the showers
  • st. larok - time/leap
  • boho fau & elevated soul - caffeine
  • van ark feat. linnea - little things
  • deep heat - do it again
  • gene harris & the three sounds - hey girl
  • boogoos - bubbles (part 2)
  • breakestra - no matter where you go
  • baker brothers - maid of mars
  • outkast - the rooster
  • dave philly & chase blaze - love is
  • big boi - shutterbug
  • missy elliott feat. slick rick - irresistible delicious
  • naughty by nature feat. zhane - jamboree
  • ranjahz feat. cee-lo - insp her ation
  • free - mr. big
  • rudy love & the love family - does your mama know
  • tatsuro yamashita - dancer
  • aquarian dream - why can't we do it like we used to
  • peace orchestra - double drums (d.j. d.s.l. remix)
  • djë & dogg master - s.m.h. phunk
  • busta rhymes & j. dilla - takin' what's mine
  • quasimoto - hydrant game (jaylib remix)
  • jay electronica - suckas
  • roots feat. phonte & dice raw - now or never
  • talib kweli - ha ha
  • presto feat. sadat x., o.c. & large professor - conquer mentally (remix)
  • talk (over craig mack - get down remix instrumental)

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