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Jew from st.lou Oct 29, 2010
Diamond,Sadat and Puba form like fucking Voltron
Jew from st.lou Oct 29, 2010
Best part of the show is the intro-thanks for reminding me how good Diamond D is. Can't really do the disco thing as a work rule!?!
DJ Phillie Oct 11, 2010
Frank BLVD needs his own show!!! no disrespect to static or groove. Everytime Frank guests, his sets are solid as hell. This 80s synth funk is probably my favorie yet. Frank, you are the ish my man!! Keep funking guys. Madd respect from Winchester, VA/Charleston, SC...
hubertz Oct 8, 2010
looking like a disco fool in the office again!?!
thanks guys

phunky Sep 29, 2010
where exactly in stuttgart?

Zattar Sep 27, 2010
Já!! Boogie Trip!!
jvgraph Sep 21, 2010
SUP WEFUNK Hot Hot set you guys got here! Already doing research on the track list, keep mixing it up with the guess DJ's much love from SoCal
DJ Static Sep 15, 2010
All the tour dates got booked too quick for us to get some Romanian shows in! Next time ;)
lekku Sep 15, 2010
i'm stunned haha. this is dope, we could have some disco boogie rollerblade party. all smiles. did no-one contact you from romania yet?
MefistoKId Sep 14, 2010
this show is sick :) WeFunk rules thanx Patriciu aka Viezure :D
luminous glow Sep 13, 2010
Can't say enough about the peoples at WeFunk! The record selection of chose cuts from the whole body of hip hip and the prime cuts of funk and soul! Saw Pete Rock Dj at the Shadow Lounge in Pgh.Pa. Amazed to see him there. WeFunk Keepin the legends alive by playin their music!
DJ Static Sep 13, 2010
Stuttgart is ready after all ;) In fact it'll be the first city on our next European tour on Oct 28. Mark your calendars!
Cool Hands Luke Sep 10, 2010
Again and again and again - Another amazing show!
I love the showcase of long lost gems - there were some that I have never heard EVER.

Ap[ei]ron Sep 10, 2010
Yo ma dudes, can´t wait to have u here again!!! Seems like Stuttgart is still not ready...but Hamburg damn fuckin´ is!!

jc Sep 9, 2010
bushman Sep 9, 2010
Luc Sep 8, 2010
I can go to sleep again... Thanks for sharing those dusty gems. Praise the lord for WEFUNKRADIO exists!
Ron Solo Sep 8, 2010
HEELLYEEEEAH! Just saw your "Tourdates"!!!! Hamburg,November 6th! Dudes, I´m still recovering from your last show.....:))) But this time u should pick a bigger location....awwww...fuck it! No matter where u play...Me&my B*Boy stance will be there! One Love!
Rudy82 Sep 7, 2010
Ahh Frank BLVD doing it right again!
moemix Sep 7, 2010
Scramblelock Sep 6, 2010
Frank BLVD really dug deep for this show. It was a trip being in the studio hearing these tracks live!
J Sep 6, 2010
So cool, the thermometer just dropped 20 degrees

Show 613

Heavyweight 80s Crates: Frank BLVD is back with lots more dusty synth funk & lost hip hop gems from Gordon Dewitty, Shadow, Unique & Dashan, Panache, Ed O.G. & The Bulldogs and more. Plus the first single from Pharoahe Monch's new album "R.A.W." (produced by Diamond D), and energetic funk & soul from the Haggis Horns and Mandrill.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Frank BLVD, Solespin, Alan, Karen, Scramblelock / RECORDED July 16, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • von pea - foodstamps
  • talk (over 24-carat black - foodstamps)
  • pharoahe monch feat. mela machinko - shine
  • masterminds - bring it back
  • diamond feat. sadat x. & tons - in da b.x.
  • hieroglyphics - don't hate the player
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth feat. grand puba - skinz
  • shadow - sinister way   (start of frank's 1st set)
  • stargard - keep knockin
  • panache - every brother ain't a brother
  • platinum hook - what you want
  • cool notes - natural energy
  • leon bryant - i'm gonna put a spell on you
  • gordon dewitty - life in the big city
  • radiance - all night
  • toshiki kadomatsu - step into the light
  • mynk - get up an' dance (dance with me) (instrumental)
  • marz - one more minute
  • unique - you make me feel so good   (end of frank's 1st set)
  • ramp - the american promise
  • les hurdle - soul train
  • haggis horns - cockroach grind
  • james brown - get on the good foot
  • demo-barry - city funk
  • lazy laz - smooth   (start of frank's 2nd set)
  • kool g. rap & d.j. polo - enter the dragon
  • rappin' is fundamental - you wanna trip
  • krisco & jello - got the power
  • demon boyz - recognition
  • ed o.g. & da bulldogs - life of a kid in the ghetto
  • top choice clique - peace of mind
  • katch 22 - reverse world
  • 3rd dynasty - i keep sailing on
  • unique - pure dynamite
  • devo-x - nation of islam
  • unique & dashan - versatility
  • priority one - bust the rhythm that i'm giving   (end of frank's 2nd set)
  • alvin cash & the crawlers - saddle up
  • mandrill - funky monkey
  • barrabas - high light (todd terje rekutt)
  • talk (over isaac hayes - zeke the freak (todd terje re-kutt))
  • hugh masekela - don't go lose it baby
  • doris ebong - boogie trip

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