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Simon Lane Dec 30, 2010
WEFUNK Internation music Rescue... THX
Alex and Zoe Nov 17, 2010
Wefunk while we work, Wefunk while we eat, Wefunk While weFu**!!!
D.J Chriith Nov 10, 2010
Never found a radio station that ever.. ever played music this Fresh Funky and real...
DJ F.U.N.R. Nov 9, 2010
WEFUNK is the shit ! ! ! ! Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for keepin it real and keepin it alive. Major respect. Jah bless.
elkaratekid Oct 30, 2010
been ridin' this funky ass rocketship since '02. whoohooo
bk Oct 22, 2010
great opener with dam funk, he played that song in sydney live, taking his keyboard like an e guitar with him into the crowd. damn that was awesome. sydneysider, keep your eyes open. dam and flying lotus again in sydney on the 7th of jan.
jvgraph Oct 18, 2010
SUP WEFUNK... this is why your the best radio out there! What do I see on the track list??? Cheeba good call on Jimi the Voodoo Child my all time fav artist! Groove, Static keep doing what you do!
LIXXX Oct 12, 2010
Big Ups to Cheeba Cheeba Kid ... on point !!!!
Family Funktunes Oct 11, 2010
Great show, as ever.
James, I've been listening since 2002.
Feel free to drop me a line;

COW Oct 9, 2010
EKOR Oct 8, 2010
nice show !
Justin Oct 6, 2010
If you consider from 2005 until present now, I'm your man
James Oct 5, 2010
Hey, I'm doing a story on wefunk and I'm looking for a longtime listener to talk to. Any takers?
peda Oct 4, 2010
Incredibly good show, with an smoking final.

Show 617

Rock the House Y'all: We take an excursion through some of the funkiest rock breaks from The Grodeck Whipperjenny, Rare Earth, Jimi Hendrix, Ballin' Jack and more, courtesy of the Cheeba Cheeba Kid. Plus: MC Eiht joins space funk ambassador Dam-Funk on "Hood Pass Intact", Narcicyst drops the first track off his upcoming "Asthmatic" mixtape, and Grant Green and Eddie Henderson deliver jazz-steeped funk selections.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Cheeba Cheeba Kid / RECORDED August 27, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • dâm-funk feat. m.c. eiht - hood pass
  • talk (over j. dilla - safety dance)
  • black milk - welcome (gotta go)
  • king britt feat. mosez gunn - about face
  • rolling stones - fingerprint file   (start of cheeba's 1st set)
  • george "harmonica" smith - situation blues
  • tony joe white - whompt out on you
  • fourth sensation - fourth sensation
  • grodeck whipperjenny - sittin' here on a tongue
  • rare earth - i just want to celebrate   (end of cheeba's 1st set)
  • eric b. & rakim - the punisher
  • 8th w1 feat. senor kaos & don will - microphone crushers
  • def jef - poet with soul
  • special ed - come on, let's move it
  • l.m.n.o. & kev brown - ya know
  • jern eye feat. pharcyde - get down (remix)
  • jimi hendrix - crosstown traffic   (start of cheeba's 2nd set)
  • ballin' jack - found a child
  • east of eden - jig-a-jig
  • fuzzy duck - mrs. prout
  • eela craig - circles
  • bango - only
  • mason - electric sox and all   (end of cheeba's 2nd set)
  • narcicyst - asthmatic lover
  • illa j. - air signs
  • moe green - non-title match
  • yu feat. grap luva, op swamp 81 & finale - brainwash
  • rahsaan - hands up
  • da grassroots feat. elemental - drama
  • stanley cowell - travelin' man
  • grant green - i don't want nobody to give me nothing (open up the door i'll get it myself)
  • ray barretto - vaya
  • talk (over eddie henderson - kudu, eddie henderson - acuphuncture)
  • dexter wansel - life on mars

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