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Elmata Mar 2, 2013
This has made my day. I wish all psoitngs were this good.
Juan Oct 7, 2012
music is inspiring me, dj, all the way to Argentina.
Cobra Commander Apr 3, 2011
Fantastic work..keep pumping that REAL music..
C FUNKFARRON Feb 3, 2011
Respect from Spain one of the best radio station about black music in the world
dschu Jan 20, 2011
big props from wiesbaden, germany!
jah Jan 17, 2011
best show ever man :)
Doc STRANGE Jan 15, 2011 BEST...EVER...keep doin tha damn thang....
j smalls Nov 29, 2010
Big up from Reykjavík, Iceland.
Keep it up Groove, love the droll monologues.

amps Nov 11, 2010
LOL@ the haters that don't know. Been listening to wefunk since before my beatbasement sick to see you guys still kickin.
CraigCurrahee Nov 4, 2010
Oh my god MAD Chubby S**t! And ithought i knew my 6T's vocalists! WEFUNK Ever Changin' FOREVER...Safety
alex Nov 3, 2010
Fresh, fresh set.
Esp the first 40 mins. Keep on keep on.

theboynton Nov 2, 2010
top shelf, amigos
willie Oct 29, 2010
keep it funky... good show, listening from paris, france
Mike Oct 28, 2010
I love how we got some haters in these comments! Hilarious. Anyways, thanks for another great show.
NiZZBiZZ Oct 28, 2010
some heavy tracks in there! thank you!
funkyman Oct 28, 2010
AK-47 Oct 27, 2010
Groove, forget those lame comments. I'm guessing they're used to loud and ignorant DJs who gossip about celebs. Your voice is fine and the show is great as usual, keep up the excellent work!
LZTPRPHT Oct 27, 2010
Juz' lovin' it from Shanghai, China! Spain's in my heart though!! Keep on rockin' fellaz!!
luszyn Oct 26, 2010
big up. dziękuje Poland:D:)
Cslyp Oct 25, 2010
Nice show props from Japan
NOVUSMILES Oct 24, 2010
geronimo Oct 20, 2010
Listening from Buenos Aires, keep it real with WefunK.
belms Oct 20, 2010
Listening from Pittsburgh, PA. Love DJ Camero and Wefunk.
Hems Oct 20, 2010
Listening from France, keep the god vibes rollin' ! :)
Sebe Oct 18, 2010
Prophu Oct 17, 2010
Ruck Oct 16, 2010
reeeallyyy nice show... big up from biel switzerland
mirco Oct 16, 2010
some perfect 2 hours !
butcher Oct 15, 2010
Keepin' it funky. Thanks y'all.
daniel Oct 14, 2010
dj camero--i meant dj camero! that scratching was stealthy!
daniel Oct 14, 2010
rawsoul, did you sneak the "wefunk" scratches at the end of illa j's "we here"? DOPE! p.s. ian--seriously?
Maple Soul Oct 14, 2010
Groove, that Chubby Checker track was lethal! Whew.. Thanks for sharing!
Ginnsey Oct 14, 2010
Hey Professor ian below dont know what he talking about! ur voice fits perfectly with the vibe of the show! Keep up what ur doing! hell its worked for the past god knows how many years
ian Oct 14, 2010
hey professor, why do u talk as if youre trying to sound like Barry White..and youre conversation is insipid,and makes me want to scrape my eyes out.. the music is good tho.
simon Oct 14, 2010
wow! these comments are so boring, very much like the main dj's voice. The music is good tho, keep it up.
antonio Oct 13, 2010
hey pals, did you say berlin on the 7th of nov? cause isn't announced on your site! would be awesome. keep on funkin the funk
Stoycho Oct 13, 2010
Maaaaan!!! That Cee Lo Green song is amazing!!!
Alan Oct 13, 2010
wow that carly simon song was dope, thx for that!
Cristiano Italy Oct 13, 2010
Nice one Folks!
rudebwoy Oct 12, 2010
Next show you have to confirm Wroclaw !
Pretty funky please !

Jan Oct 11, 2010
Queen Latifah, a woman rappin! love your flow...
JayEast Oct 10, 2010
R.I.P. Solomon Burke

Show 618

Dig On It: DJ Camero's back with sublime sample fodder from the Crusaders, Les McCann, Ahmad Jamal and Carly Simon, as well as hip hop head-nodders by Pharcyde, UMCs and the mysterious M.C.A.D. Plus some heavy soul reinvention from Cee-Lo and Palov & Mishkin, and Canadian hiphop flavors with a classic Monolith posse cut and new Specifics and Nish Raawks.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, DJ Camero / RECORDED September 3, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • cee lo green - f**k you!
  • talk (over bahama soul club - nassau jam (smoove remix))
  • haggis horns - love gets you high
  • crusaders - a message from the inner city   (start of camero's 1st set)
  • queen latifah - u.n.i.t.y.
  • a tribe called quest - bonita applebum (12" why? version)
  • carly simon - why
  • les mccann - go on and cry
  • dream warriors - california dreamin'
  • warren g. - runnin' wit no breaks
  • les mccann - go on and cry
  • ahmad jamal trio - dolphin dance
  • common sense - resurrection   (end of camero's 1st set)
  • temptations - do your thing
  • leroy hutson - let's be lonely together
  • sharon jones & the dap-kings - make it good to me
  • barbara acklin - i can't do my thing
  • palov & mishkin - well stomach
  • chubby checker - gypsy
  • mystic - the life   (start of camero's 2nd set)
  • pete philly & perquisite - grateful
  • u.m.c.'s - it's gonna last
  • pharcyde - y? (be like that) (jay dee remix)
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - searching (remix)
  • m.c.a.d. - studio freestyle #1
  • juganot - en why cee
  • black moon - who got da props
  • illa j. - we here   (end of camero's 2nd set)
  • alkaholiks feat. ol' dirty bastard - hip hop drunkies (blend)
  • monolith - plan eh
  • buddah nation - buddah nation
  • talk (over vinyl reanimators - guess who's back remix instrumental)
  • specifics - beach of life
  • nish raawks feat. saukrates - on the raawks

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