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bpdrexler Apr 24, 2015
Damn...Think I had that Mr. Oizo on 10" years ago until some rotten bastard ganked it at a house party. Very glad to hear it again. Turn it up!--bpd
Dan Raad Mar 23, 2012
WEFUNK - your shows are the soundtrack to my life! #WEFUNK4LIFE
rodney holter Nov 4, 2011
AMAZING FUNK and great artists too man keep the funk alive!!!!!!
Ed Jul 23, 2011
I'm sorry, but that Nate Dogg remix is reeeeeediculously ill.
Mihai Jun 30, 2011
Loving the Gangstarr tracks, hadn't heard "Piecemaker" in a while. Thanks for that.
turbo Jun 27, 2011
deuces_wild Jun 26, 2011
nice mix guys... Repping Boston
The Man out of Germany Jun 25, 2011
Oh man, evry show is great!
Good Music

dropdead Jun 25, 2011
luca MOON Jun 23, 2011

iovanescu Jun 22, 2011
i'm kinda shamed that i don't listen to wf every day cuz these beats make me hungry for life but u guyz are great and u'll forgive me! big up from roumania:)- have a good one
yady Jun 19, 2011
Boss radio show. How 'bout a Gil-Scott-Heron tribute show
willie Jun 17, 2011
R.I.P. guru. great show big up from paris
tony Jun 16, 2011
quality show today mate, loving every minute. also really loving your "i got love" remix you played.
Psyk. Jun 15, 2011
Ill Show!
funkal Jun 11, 2011
all around the world yo! greetings from warsaw poland :) beat or groove / wefunk's bullet proof / gang bang funk thang / wefunk got the highest rank ... i got no idea how u manage to pull this off in such a fukd up world and still stay true!
Jeremy Lynch Jun 10, 2011
Thank you.
royal Jun 9, 2011
killer show guys! Thanks as always from England, for all that fat funk.
Graham Meador Jun 8, 2011
F.U.N.K. Crushed it. Static Crushed it. You too Professor. This is the most balanced, well mixed Wefunk Show I've heard. Listener since '04
Lollo Jun 6, 2011
awsome F.u.n.k set! Hit or miss knocks me out!! YOOOOOOOOOO!
Soyasoce May 30, 2011
In Memory of Gil Scott Heron, Keep the Pressure !!! You are Must Needed. Big Upp from HGKG.
Samuel May 30, 2011
WeFunk showing Bonobo some love; loving it! 3 Kong!
Scubasteez May 29, 2011
Good show yall keep up the funk!
GHO$T May 29, 2011

Show 645

DJ F.U.N.K. fires up the mix with his special edits, raw funk selections and nasty future funk featuring tracks from Betty Davis, James Brown, Mr. Scruff, Missy, Onra, Frankie Beverly and much more. Plus some crazy beats from Pig Bag, a soul-break classic from Patti Drew, new downtempo sounds from the Echocentrics, and WEFUNK marks the anniversary of Guru's passing with a special Static blend ("DWYCK" vs "Speak Ya Clout") and a tribute track by the Beast featuring John Robinson and Jocelyn Ellis.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, DJ F.U.N.K. / RECORDED April 22, 2011 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • breakestra - dark clouds rain soul
  • talk (over ray mang - can't keep running)
  • buari - iro le pa
  • patti drew - fever
  • pig bag - papa's got a brand new pigbag
  • betty davis - f.u.n.k. (f.u.n.k. edit)   (start of f.u.n.k.'s 1st set)
  • odetta - hit or miss (f.u.n.k. edit)
  • betty lavette - ticket to the moon
  • roy ayers - boogie back
  • wilson pickett - get me back on time, engine number 9
  • joe tex - you said a bad word
  • wuf ticket - ya mama (instrumental)
  • eddie bo - we're doin it (the thang)
  • matata - talkin talkin (f.u.n.k. break edit)
  • james brown - talkin loud and sayin' nothing (f.u.n.k. gotta be the shoes edit)
  • nate dogg - i got love (f.u.n.k. watergate blend)
  • notorious b.i.g. - party & bullshit (f.u.n.k. disco blend)
  • willie hutch - we gonna party tonight (d.j. apt one edit)   (end of f.u.n.k.'s 1st set)
  • gang starr feat. nice & smooth - d.w.y.c.k. (static blend)
  • nice & smooth feat. bas blasta, gang starr, melo t. & preacher earl - down the line
  • gang starr - b.y.s.
  • gang starr - you know my steez (remix)
  • tony touch feat. gang starr - piece maker
  • dilated peoples feat. guru & havoc - worst comes to worst (remix)
  • beast feat. john robinson & jocelyn ellis - keep your worries
  • mr. scruff - bang the floor   (start of f.u.n.k.'s 2nd set)
  • bonobo - kong
  • onra feat. olivier daysoul - my mind is gone
  • dâm-funk - on & on
  • mr. oizo - monophonic shit
  • frankie beverly & maze - before i let go (d.j. apt one edit)
  • missy elliott - disco work it (f.u.n.k. disco blend)
  • matthew dear - you put a smell on me (breakbot remix)
  • shalamar - there it is (f.u.n.k. edit)
  • kleeer - tonight
  • george & gwen mccrae - the rub   (end of f.u.n.k.'s 2nd set)
  • jimmy ponder - while my guitar gently weeps
  • baris manco - gonul dagi (mark wayward edit)
  • terea - pretty bird
  • talk (over isaac hayes - the red rooster, marvin gaye - "t" stands for trouble)
  • echocentrics - crescent sun
  • bill withers - make a smile for me (trishes edit)

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