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Dylan Kell-Kirkman Jul 26, 2011
Fatback - thanks a million for that link to the article! I also checked out your site - good stuff all around. If I find myself back in D.C. anytime soon I'll look you guys up.
Fatback DJ Jul 16, 2011
Dylan - here is a Washington Post article from earlier this year on the current state of Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk's Big Tony on Keeping His Band's Identity. Thanks again for reppin' DC! Come down anytime for a guest spot on our DJ night. More @
Dylan Kell-Kirkman Jun 26, 2011
To Fatback DJ: I was originally planning on playing both Back Yard and Junk Yard but didn't have time to fit everything in! Good call on "Sardines"! I knew Big Tony was still making appearances but thought Trouble Funk was no longer playing as a unit. That's a band I'd love to catch live! To Werner: the "Percussion Solos" is from Trouble Funk's "Say What! - Live In London" album. I think it was only ever released on vinyl but I could be wrong...
ssgdave Jun 20, 2011
Great stuff, I remember Kurtis Blow using go-go percussion sounds back in the day. I push your site and show to anyone I know that likes funk.
Werner Jun 15, 2011
trouble funk - percussion solos
completely blew me away! Looked it up, couldn't find it even on youtube. Where do you get this stuff?

Fatback DJ in DC Jun 15, 2011
Nice go-go set! If I could add one more it would be SARDINES (and pork and beans!) by Junkyard. Also - a correction - Trouble Funk is still around and making special appearances. We DJed a show with Big Tony and crew last year.
kaz. Jun 15, 2011
Stephane Jun 14, 2011
Man this is an awesome show. I love it when you play hip hop and rap tracks then put the original song it was mixed from.
dc Jun 10, 2011
Huck-a-bucks! so awesome. Way to rep DC! Now you need to jam some Northeast Groovers and you'll be set with the best go go ;)
Car Jun 9, 2011
Thanks for putting DC on the map with the go-go set!
YoKev Jun 8, 2011
Thanks for the Rare Essence!
paulvinelli Jun 5, 2011
Kudos to the shoutout to Steinski and Double Dee! First time I've seen them on WeFunk!

Show 646

Meet me at the Go-Go: Our guest Dylan unveils the percussion-heavy funk of D.C.'s best kept secret, featuring tracks by Rare Essence, E.U., Chuck Brown and The Huck-a-bucks. Plus a special birthday tribute to #1 soul brother James Brown covering his early funk, disco-era jams, classics like "Super Bad", "The Popcorn" and "Make It Funky", and JB-fueled hip hop from Nas, Lord Finesse, Big Daddy Kane and Main Source.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Dylan / RECORDED April 29, 2011 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • james brown - don't tell a lie about me and i won't tell the truth on you
  • talk (over james brown - just enough room for storage)
  • james brown - (i love you) for sentimental reasons
  • james brown - i need help (i can't do it alone)
  • james brown - i got a bag of my own
  • james brown - super bad
  • james brown - i can't stand it '76
  • chuck brown & the soul searchers - we need some money   (start of dylan's 1st set)
  • e.u. - e.u. freeze
  • trouble funk - percussion solos
  • rare essence - do you know what time it is?
  • talk: go-go history, musicians and sound
  • hot, cold sweat - meet me at the go-go   (end of dylan's 1st set)
  • double dee & steinski - lesson 2 (james brown mix)
  • run-d.m.c. - the ave.
  • main source - think
  • big daddy kane - calling mr. welfare
  • james brown - the chicken
  • digable planets - 9th wonder
  • nas - get down
  • lord finesse & d.j. mike smooth - bad mutha
  • james brown - the boss
  • huck-a-bucks - sprinkle   (start of dylan's 2nd set)
  • huck-a-bucks - it's the huck-a-bucks
  • talk: go go's evolution & the live experience (over huck-a-bucks - it's the huck-a-bucks, rare essence - one on one)
  • rare essence - one on one   (end of dylan's 2nd set)
  • james brown - bring it up (live)
  • bobby byrd - never get enough
  • james brown - get up offa that thing
  • james brown - for goodness sakes, look at those cakes
  • talk (over james brown - the popcorn, james brown - funk bomb)
  • james brown - make it funky (parts 1, 2, 3 & 4)

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