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daniel Jul 13, 2012
So deep, so drrrty. Long after we're all gone, WEFUNK will serve as the world's reference to some of the greatest music of our time.
mikeB Jul 11, 2012
Awesome show! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Keifus Jul 7, 2012
BOOM!!!! No matter what happens we gonna still be fly*
Soyasoce Jul 4, 2012
This show is magic!
My dog became a cat
& moonwalked on my desk...
Big up & 690 thxs!!!

that fucking jew from st.lou Jul 3, 2012
Grand Puba is hip hop's most underated
GDaddy Jul 3, 2012
So sick that my old lady got the shakes!!
Andy Jul 3, 2012
Thanks for another great show! :)

Show 690

It's like butta baby: Rawsoul's got a pack of soul-jazz grooves and chilled out rhymes from folks like Johnny Hammond, Rashaan Ahmad, Leon Spencer, Lord Finesse, The Crusaders and more. Plus new psychedelic funk from the Monophonics, 80s boogie treats from Rhyze and Leroy Hutson, and a jazzy rework of Gang Starr's classic "Lovesick".

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DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Rawsoul / RECORDED May 4, 2012 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • stereo m.c.'s - graffiti part one
  • talk (over missing links - super cop)
  • monophonics - there's a riot going on
  • adrian quesada - last word
  • lord finesse feat. grand puba - real talk (lark chillout remix)   (start of rawsoul's 1st set)
  • jazz liberatorz feat. raashan ahmad - cool down
  • moar feat. raashan ahmad - season's change
  • othello feat. ohmega watts & braille - fly
  • apani b-fly emcee - narcotic
  • constant deviants - can't stop
  • surreal & d.j. balance - speak facts   (end of rawsoul's 1st set)
  • rhyze - do your dance
  • sylvia striplin - searchin'
  • michael henderson - in it for the goodies (d.j. provoke gimme more edit)
  • bryan loren - easier said than done (b.g. baarregaard rearrangment)
  • leroy hutson - she's got it
  • sonny stitt - spinning wheel   (start of rawsoul's 2nd set)
  • johnny hammond - it's too late
  • charles earland - lowdown
  • reuben wilson - signed, sealed, delivered, i'm yours
  • leon spencer jr. - the slide
  • crusaders - merry-go-round
  • alphonso johnson - up from the cellar
  • angela bofill - people make the world go 'round   (end of rawsoul's 2nd set)
  • grand puba - hip hop
  • busta rhymes feat. rampage - abandon ship
  • artifacts feat. busta rhymes - c'mon wit da git down (remix)
  • gang starr - lovesick (remix)
  • talk (over gang starr - lovesick remix instrumental)
  • young-holt unlimited - ain't there something money can't buy

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