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steel Mar 15, 2014
I keep coming back here. This show is like an excellent sandwich.
Keifus Jul 31, 2012
Here a little story I got to tell about...t♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
drgeoffrey Jul 26, 2012
Good show, but I have to say I expected more for an MCA tribute. With so many remixes, bootlegs, acapellas and potential sample moments, you could have really done a hell of a show. Oh well, still a huge fan of WEFUNK!
DJ Phillie Jul 19, 2012
Dug the Beastie Boys sets; R.I.P. MCA. Also props to DJ Bain Magique for his 2nd set! Feelin' it!
Silas Jul 17, 2012
Cameo, nice! What about working in 'Your Love Takes Me Out' sometime soon? Stone Cold.
steve Jul 15, 2012
What a joke!! the late great MCA dies and your not even playing full songs??! bull shit if you ask me. wheres 'Pass The Mic'? one of the most classic MCA verses hes ever done. If your going to do it, do it right or dont bother.
Chinostylepm Jul 13, 2012
Gracias MCA por darnos tanta buena música junto a los Beastie Boys. Gracias WeFunk por este merecido homenaje.
roachface Jul 13, 2012
nonononono i cant take losin odb, guru, jdilla and now mc muthafuckin a. real mcs from my highschool generation (early 90's) startin to die and sick groups breakin up while faerie posin fake ass mcs drop 7 mixtapes every day cloggin up the airspace with fuckin noise. god bless hiphop forever. black jesus come and deliver us from this whack shit!
Ron Solo Jul 8, 2012
MCA´s death was a major loss to our community, so let´s keep his spirit alive by showing our Kids what kinda impact real and handmade music has on cultures everywhere...RIP!
ICWeener Jul 7, 2012
Hi Guys, thank you for that beautiful show, MCA rest in beats. What kind of version is that of Paul Horn's "Here's that rainy day"? Cheers, peace to the beat.
Soyasoce Jul 7, 2012
Bought their first LP in the States i was 17... a while ago...
Old friends only meet at funerals...

Show 691

"So what'cha want?" WEFUNK celebrates the life and music of MCA from the legendary Beastie Boys. Plus an old & new soul stew with Bain Magique in the mix, featuring tracks from the Detroit Emeralds, Full Crate & Mar, Foreign Exchange, Howard Johnson, Cameo, Freeway and many more.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Bain Magique / RECORDED May 11, 2012 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • beastie boys - no sleep till brooklyn
  • talk (over beastie boys - no sleep till brooklyn instrumental)
  • beastie boys - (you gotta) fight for your right (to party!)
  • beastie boys - girls
  • beastie boys - slow ride
  • beastie boys - paul revere
  • beastie boys - car thief
  • beastie boys - hey ladies
  • beastie boys - jimmy james
  • beastie boys - so what'cha want
  • beastie boys - professor booty
  • paul horn - here's that rainy day   (start of bain magique's 1st set)
  • m.r.r.-a.d.m. - 2wo
  • detroit emeralds - i'll never sail the seas again
  • full crate & mar - surreal moments
  • masta killa feat. inspectah deck & g.z.a. - street corner
  • freeway - escalators
  • sly, slick & wicked - sho' nuff
  • janet jackson - spending time with you
  • foreign exchange - happiness
  • judson moore - everybody push and pull   (end of bain magique's 1st set)
  • beastie boys feat. q-tip - get it together
  • beastie boys feat. q-tip - get it together (remix)
  • beastie boys - sure shot
  • beastie boys - flute loop
  • beastie boys - root down
  • beastie boys - sabotage
  • beastie boys - song for the man
  • beastie boys - body movin'
  • beastie boys - intergalactic
  • beastie boys - it's the new style
  • s.o.s. band - high hopes (touchsoul edit)   (start of bain magique's 2nd set)
  • ron banks - this love is for real
  • cameo - single life
  • cameo - back and forth
  • howard johnson - so fine (fingermanedit)
  • woolfy - odyssey
  • flowchart - ask the boss
  • anton valotti - spiro
  • columbus circle - if you read my mind
  • eddie craig - funktime   (end of bain magique's 2nd set)
  • monophonics - high off your love
  • eldridge holmes - no substitute
  • soul brothers inc. - i'm not going to be the one
  • carla whitney - war
  • talk (over ekseption - ya no me pises)
  • roy ayers - everybody
  • quincy jones - i heard that (dr. horn re-tweak)

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