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elseano Aug 26, 2023
Going backwards through the 700's from about 738 to this are amazing. I am on wow listening to Cheeba bring the psychedelic, funkadelish, beeps and boops.
chief Nov 25, 2017
This is the best show I've heard here (or second!)!!! Thank you Professor Groove and DJ Static for the shiznit!
HughPhug Apr 10, 2013
Scott Caan up in this Mufuya!
andaka Mar 30, 2013
awesome show as always! I love that u guys are so widespread and openminded to every kind of music - BIG UP! .....Haters gonna hate, Lovers gonna love 3 ....
fonkyorwyf Mar 19, 2013
wefunks finest does it again!! cheeba cheeba yall!! love and peace to all!! x
Kman Mar 15, 2013
Hey Guys,
I've been listening to you guys since '03. I've loved your station throughout the years and I thought it was time for a shout out.
Keep bringin' the funk!!

Professor Groove Mar 14, 2013
I had to remove a couple childish posts. This isn't the place for that.
Ferrious Mar 14, 2013
Incredible show, I don't see how anyone complain about this journey through music! Cheeba definitely brought many flavors to meal, mad props.
permagnus Mar 6, 2013
Thanks for the great work!!
Bel Mar 2, 2013
Show 7-One-7 is wicked warped for more debates how to black out the major. blessins from postfascist Hamburg
Pablo Mar 1, 2013
Kill Paris through c2c was DOPE! Keep an open mind folks. It's not a genre I'm not very exposed to and you chose some quality songs. I'm loving the variety!
dennis Mar 1, 2013
its called wefunk not wedubstep no hate tough ....just wondering what is happening to my fav show...
cloud Feb 28, 2013
i tried to find a nice funk radio... finally i found it! :3
mordo Feb 28, 2013
awesome set!!! YOU SHAKE MY BODY!!!
Keifus Feb 23, 2013
Cheeba Cheeba Kid, You KILLIN' it as ALWAYS...Haters are always looking at the VIP, instead of pouring champagne.
hallah Feb 23, 2013
wefunk goes comment
Pom Pom Tom Feb 22, 2013
I know ya'll haters complaining about Cheeba's track selection, and yes it's unusual for the show - but he's totally killing it! The Kendra Morris track, the ENTIRE 2nd set is BUMPING - great music is great music!
Serg Feb 20, 2013
the f*** is dubstep doing here?
Soyasoce Feb 18, 2013
WEFUNK go crossover !!!
Cayetano is killing me...
Can't wait for more. Thx.

Calou Feb 17, 2013
I may be wrong. PEACE!
Calou Feb 17, 2013
Kendra morris, kill paris and uppermost ain't my shit. What the funk has this to do with my Favorite Radio Show?
funkitaly Feb 15, 2013
Damien Feb 15, 2013
Merci les gars trop bon!!
jake Feb 15, 2013
all around dope-ness..the WEFUNK!! surfs up from Miami Beach!
Codiak Feb 14, 2013
Holy crap. 2 songs into Cheeba's set and 2 added to my favs list. WEFUNK FRIDAY!
Antoine Feb 14, 2013
Enjoying WeFunk from France� Merci !
Heribert Feb 13, 2013
Cheeba is DOPE!!!!!!
Greets from Germany

honeyboy Feb 13, 2013
Greetings from Japan,
Great Grooves! Thanks!

Cheeba Feb 12, 2013
Correction: Birdy Nam Nam is from France not the UK...d�sol�e mes amis!
La Fours! Feb 11, 2013
Onnnnnnn Point!! So Fresh as always............! Keep up the good work!

Show 717

Three piece dinner: The Cheeba Cheeba Kid dishes up favorite recent cuts, including throwback funk & soul from The Bamboos and Kylie Auldist, electro boogie by Breakbot and Kill Paris, and "high weirdness" from THEESatisfaction and Birdy Nam Nam. Plus: Bo Diddley talks some funky smack to Jerome, Zed Bias puts a twist on classic Eddie Kendricks, and Theophilus London and The Dap-Kings team up for a funky Nat King Cole remake.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Cheeba Cheeba Kid / RECORDED December 21, 2012 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • encore - ode to breakin atoms
  • talk (over funky d.l. - 1947 instrumental)
  • theophilus london feat. dap-kings - calypso blues
  • brand nubian - dance to my ministry
  • true ingredients - who's next
  • kendra morris - waiting   (start of cheeba's 1st set)
  • kylie auldist - nothin' else to beat me
  • sugarman 3 - rudy's intervention
  • soul snatchers - do you wanna get down
  • bamboos feat. bobby flynn - midnight   (end of cheeba's 1st set)
  • da youngsta's - pass da mic (remix)
  • nice & smooth - hip hop junkies (blend)
  • whooliganz - put your handz up (remix)
  • cypress hill - light another
  • steady b. - let the hustlers play
  • grand puba - honey don't front
  • kill paris - shades of funk   (start of cheeba's 2nd set)
  • uppermost - faster
  • koan sound - 80s fitness
  • breakbot feat. irfane - baby i'm yours
  • hint feat. josie stingray & 1-o.a.k. - give it up
  • c2c - delta   (end of cheeba's 2nd set)
  • raoul zequeira - hey! hey! hey! senor
  • bo diddley - hey jerome
  • barry miles' silverlight - rebate
  • simtec & wylie - gimme some of what you got
  • headhunters - i remember i made you cry
  • zed bias - let me change your mind
  • birdy nam nam feat. teki latex - cadillac dreams   (start of cheeba's 3rd set)
  • theesatisfaction - sweat
  • cayetano - once sometime
  • talk (over two fingers - 101 south)
  • dave aju - rise
  • slow magic - feel flows

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