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mb Jun 26, 2022
This Mix is da Banger.
Kindest from Ibiza / Spain

Badger Apr 8, 2013
Aw man, Thanks for playing the Oddisee tracks! I wasn't aware of him before. He's a spectacularly talented artist, knucklebitingly good! ;)
johnplayer Apr 4, 2013
will do. will do
Jabu Apr 4, 2013
Too bad :( I like those horns too and Im 90% sure that I have the song they are in but I am also 90% sure I´ll never find em. So if you somehow nake it, let me know. :)
johnplayer Apr 4, 2013
as groove said. the search continues... I appreciate everyones help. these horns taunt me in my sleep!
Jabu Apr 3, 2013
Ok John, another try. When i heard the inro first when it was new, I felt immediately reminded of Don´t let it go to your head by Jean Carne. Horns @ 1:43
sidney18 Mar 30, 2013
the best! page, the best music, the best radio in the world greetings from peru.
Professor Groove Mar 28, 2013
@cc: True it's a similar chord progression, but in the intro it's played by horns and in El Shobey it's guitar. The search continues...
cc Mar 27, 2013
johnplayer, the 15 seconds you're looking for in the intro : aren't they sampled from the first song of the set (el shobey & co. - never missed what you got) ? You should find what you're looking for at precisely 2:06 !
Jabu Mar 27, 2013
@ James thank you alot for the track man.
Stoycho Mar 26, 2013
Another great show, guys! DJ Camero's set was amazing!! Awesome sounds!
James Mar 22, 2013
Thanks Shazam and Google translate for that one. What a tune!

johnplayer Mar 19, 2013
still trying to figure out the horns sample between 15-30 seconds in the intro.. please help?
Cman Mar 18, 2013
another great show fellas!
Ben Moore Mar 18, 2013
Man, I love this show! The gift that has been giving steady & strong for almost a decade (for me).
ICWeener Mar 17, 2013
Hey there guys, is that the old jingle opening your show? What happened to the last one? peace to the beat
Banana777 Mar 15, 2013
Where ya been so long? I was startin to miss ya'll. Hope to see ya mixes in summer more often. Peace.
Lovee from somewhere in Africa.

Jabu Mar 15, 2013
Very nice show. Please, IF anyone knows the name of the "unknown song" please let me know. This track is a killa
BSlatt Mar 14, 2013
Sweet beats, keep up the good groove!
Busterbeam Mar 13, 2013
hey missed you guys!
jvgraph Mar 13, 2013
SUP WEFUNK, diggin the new show and the evil needle tracks. Nice spin on instrumental music and grooves.
RobDub Mar 13, 2013
My man!!! Back into it like nobody!!! GROOVE IT IN DENVER!!!Mile High Baby!
lukas Mar 13, 2013
Awesome! Also greetings from Poland :)
Michal Mar 13, 2013
Thank you for a new show! Beautiful Selda's song. Greetings from Poland!

Show 718

DJ Camero pulls us deep into smokey beats by Evil Needle, the Poets of Thought and Oddisee, then heats it up with (nu)boogie flavors from Neighbour, the Universal Robot Band and Phonat. Plus we pay tribute to the bold funk of "Soul Sister #1" Marva Whitney, and BX heavyweights unite on the posse cut "Cross Bronx Expressway".

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, DJ Camero / RECORDED January 4, 2013 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • el shobey & co. - never missed what you got
  • talk (over mystery kindaichi band - yatsuhakamura (eight village grave))
  • selda - niye cattin kaslarini
  • jimmy smith - my place in space
  • oddisee - paralyzed   (start of camero's 1st set)
  • blundetto - voices (general elektrics d.c. edit)
  • poets of thought - the rhyme goes on
  • evil needle - champion sound
  • tone-loc - loc'in on the shaw (loop)
  • oddisee - paris (d.c. slowedit)
  • evil needle - warp drive
  • big l. - m.v.p. (acapella)
  • evil needle - groovin' in heaven
  • fingazz - outstanding   (end of camero's 1st set)
  • marva whitney - your love was good for me
  • marva whitney & osaka monaurail - daddy don't know about sugar bear (live)
  • marva whitney - daddy don't know about sugar bear
  • marva whitney & osaka monaurail - it's my thing (live)
  • marva whitney - it's my thing (you can't tell me who to sock it to)
  • marva whitney - it's my thing (you can't tell me who to sock it to) (live)
  • marva whitney - saving my love for my baby
  • marva whitney - what do i have to prove my love to you
  • marva whitney - things got to get better (get together)
  • marva whitney - unwind yourself
  • marva whitney - i'm tired, i'm tired, i'm tired (things better change before it's too late)
  • marva whitney - i made a mistake because it's only you
  • neighbour - the future is now   (start of camero's 2nd set)
  • universal robot band - barely breaking even
  • patryk molinari - no dilemma
  • leroy hanghofer - pin (jacques lu cont mix)
  • floating points - vacuum boogie
  • phonat - intimate confessions   (end of camero's 2nd set)
  • lord tariq & peter gunz feat. fat joe & big pun - cross bronx expressway
  • fat joe - that white
  • talk (over termanology - how we rock instrumental)
  • k.r.s.-one - black cop
  • mad lion - shoot to kill

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