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Show Archive 168-199

August 31, 2001
DJ Static returns to the airwaves after a long hiatus
August 24, 2001
Rawsoul drops in again with fresh funk and hip-hop
August 17, 2001
Professor Groove flying solo, with beatbox flavors from the Porn Star
August 10, 2001
The funk gets deep and the hip-hop gets soulful with Rawsoul joining the Professor on the wheels
August 3, 2001
A radio edition from the Rockdeep funk crew, featuring DJs Rawsoul and Cheeba Cheeba Kid
July 27, 2001
Featuring guest Dobie Gillis on the 1 and 2s
July 20, 2001
Featuring hip-hop sets courtesy of Rawsoul
July 6, 2001
Featuring guest sets by DJs Johnny Jungle and Dobie Gillis
June 29, 2001
DJ Static's last show before his 6-week hiatus
June 22, 2001
Typical WeFunk: classic, rare, old and new -- you know how we do
June 15, 2001
Featuring a guest funk and hip-hop set by DJ Hassle (aka Rawsoul)
June 8, 2001
Featuring two beatbox sessions, hip-hop doubles late in the show, and some extra-raw funk
May 25, 2001
A smoldering doubles set by DJ Static, and perhaps the hypest uptempo funk set Professor Groove has ever dropped
May 18, 2001
Grooves from all over the WeFunk spectrum this week
May 11, 2001
Butta Beats dials in a couple rhymes by phone, and the funk takes an excursion into slow BPMs, mixed up with the usual beats
May 4, 2001
The regular WeFunk grooves plus a double shot of WeFunk Sample Moments(tm) - Brand Nubian/AWB and De La/Blackbyrds
April 27, 2001
Funk and hip-hop both high on the energy scale this week, with some especially raw funky 45s toward the end of the show
April 20, 2001
Butta Beats and Rawgged provide live beatbox sounds while Professor Groove holds things down on the 1 and 2s
April 13, 2001
DJ Static drops some heavy funk breaks along with the usual hip-hop flavors, with Professor Groove absent for the week
April 6, 2001
An extended 3 1/2 hour show touching a range of grooves and digging into the long playing breaks
March 30, 2001
The second of the year's two funding drive shows - a packed studio with MCs and beatboxers performing live while we solicited funds for the station, featuring Butta Beats, Abdominal, Narcicyst, Bless, Olaf, Eric (Omera), Jube, and Porn Star.
March 23, 2001
The first of the year's two funding drive shows - lots of uptempo party funk and heavy hip-hop, and the WeFunk crew begging for pledges to fund the station.
March 9, 2001
Featuring all female funk and hip-hop cuts, and an interview with Miles Tackett of Breakestra
March 2, 2001
February 16, 2001
DJ Static returns after a long hiatus, and Butta Beats provides live rhymes and beatbox beats
February 9, 2001
Professor Groove selects a mixed bag of funk, guest DJ Spazmodik deftly cuts up recent hip-hop releases
February 2, 2001
Heavy funk, jazzy funk, new underground hip-hop joints
January 26, 2001
Featuring freestyles by U-Rock and Mucho, recent underground cuts by DJ Spazmodik, and the usual funk rawness by Professor Groove